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Verizon sells a half million 4G devices


Along with strong sales of 2.2 million iPhones during its debut quarter, Verizon’s 4G devices seem to be a hot item. The carrier announced that it has sold roughly 500,000 4G devices in the last three months despite a complete lack of phones being available during most of the period. The HTC ThunderBolt accounted for 260,000 of the sales; it launched in the last two weeks of March. Still, that means that Verizon has sold about 240,000 4G USB modems during the period.

Recently, we heard reports that the ThunderBolt has been selling at rates rivaling the iPhone. HTC reported strong demand as well. This news appears to confirm that the ThunderBolt is a hit. Assuming that Verizon’s first 4G phone continues to sell at the pace of 260,000 every two weeks, it will sell about 1.5 million in its first three months. This sell out rate is not certain at all, as many have complained about the phone’s poor battery life on the 4G network.

To learn more about the ThunderBolt, check out our hands-on impressions from CES this year. To learn more about 4G and how Verizon’s network is different from the other carriers, check out our ultimate guide to 4G.

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