Virgin Mobile updates its monthly plans, introduces $20 Wi-Fi-only plan

virgin mobile monthly plan update 20 wi fi plans

Virgin Mobile, one of Sprint’s no-contract, prepaid subsidiaries, updated its monthly plans to include a new $20 plan that offers 300 minutes and unlimited text, with the handset only connecting to Wi-Fi sources for data. This plan is identical to the one it introduced back in June, though at a lower price point. However, Virgin Mobile also refreshed its $35, $45, and $55 a month plans.

Starting with the $35 a month plan, you now have the option to choose either unlimited talk and text with 250MB of 3G/4G speeds, or 300 minutes and unlimited text with 2.5GB of high-speed data. The $45 a month plan now includes unlimited talk and text, 1GB of high-speed data, unlimited international texts, and 100 minutes of international calls.

Finally, the $55 a month plan includes unlimited talk and text, 3GB of high-speed data, unlimited international texts, and 100 minutes of international calls. If you tack on $5 more a month, Virgin will add unlimited calls to Mexico and Canada. Meanwhile an extra $10 a month gives you 1,000 minutes to call mobile devices in Mexico, unlimited calling to over 70 countries, and discounted rates to more than 200 countries.

Virgin Mobile’s new plans are currently in effect, so those looking to get a handset from the carrier can sign up for one of these plans.