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Waze is now making it far easier for you to drive to events

Shutterstock / eskay
Waze is an awesome app for helping you avoid traffic delays and traffic jams, however it’s not always accurate — such as during events, for example. Well, the company is aiming to change that with the new Waze Global Event Partner Program, which basically involves the company teaming up with event organizers to help with scheduling road closures, delays, and so on.

Live Maps can also be embedded on events’ websites, helping provide up-to-date information on traffic and things like road closures. According to Waze, the new services will help people get to events, and around events, faster. Eventually this will lead to happier fans — who might be willing to buy more merchandise. In other words, it’s worthwhile for event organizers to work with Waze.

According to a report from TechCrunch, the partners will be able to use a new tool called Waze Closure to input any scheduled delays and road closures ahead of time. This will help Waze keep track of everything without have to rely solely on user information. Event organizers will also be able to add turn restrictions, lane reversals, and even parking locations — information that can then be used by 65 million Waze users.

The new initiative is launching with 20 partners in North America, Latin America, Eastern Europe, and Asia. These partners include the likes of the Georgia Dome, FedEx Field, Ford Field, Nationals Park, and others, and more partners, of course, will come as time goes on. According to Waze, the program is free for event organizers of any size to join, however acceptance into the program does depend on the quality of the Waze network in that local area — in other words, if there aren’t any Waze users in the area of the event, there’s no point in using the program.

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