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Waze adds alerts so you know when you’re speeding

waze speeding alert car
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Most cars of yesteryear felt like they were going to disintegrate as soon as you hit 50mph, the orchestra of shakes, rattles and other worrying noises usually enough to ensure you remained hyperaware of your speed without having to glance at the dash.

However, with motors these days offering true comfort and soundproofed interiors, it’s little wonder you break the speed limit occasionally (what do you mean, every day?).waze speed alert

Drivers using traffic and navigation app Waze will now be warned when they breach a speed limit, a handy feature that’ll complement its existing crowd-sourced service that notifies drivers when cops are close by.

In a blog post Tuesday, the Waze team explained its new feature: “Whether you’re driving on new and unfamiliar roads or a place where speed limits change with the season, you’ll no longer be in the dark.

“To see speed limits you don’t need to change a thing. If you’re driving over the limit, a visual alert will appear on the Waze speedometer. It will stay there until your speed drops below the limit.”

Road users can customize the alert so that it shows the moment you hit the speed limit, or when you exceed it by 5, 10, or 15 percent.

Other navigation apps have included speed alerts for some time now, so Waze is right to finally roll out the feature. However, Google, which acquired Waze three years ago, doesn’t yet include the functionality in its Maps app.

Waze offers other safety features for users, including hands-free, voice-controlled settings so you can focus on the road ahead while keeping both hands on the wheel. You’ll also find push notifications offering updates on unusual conditions on your route, and audio alerts for street names.

The new speed warning functionality rolls out today in 18 countries, including Brazil, France, Italy, New Zealand, Sweden, and Switzerland. Waze promises it’s “coming soon” to the U.S. as well as the rest of the world.

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Contributing Editor
Not so many moons ago, Trevor moved from one tea-loving island nation that drives on the left (Britain) to another (Japan)…
Facebook’s new audio-calling app lets you share when you’re available to talk
Facebook CatchUp

Facebook wants to make phone calls mainstream again. It’s doing so by addressing what it believes is the medium’s foremost shortcoming with a new, experimental app simply called CatchUp -- the latest product out of Facebook’s New Product Experimentation (NPE) division, where developers are tasked with building unique and experimental tools.

Facebook says its studies found that one of the main reasons why people don’t call friends and family more frequently is that they "don’t know when they are available to talk or are worried they may reach them at an inconvenient time."

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Wayzn sliding glass door opener can let pets out when you’re not home
open sliding doors remotely with wayzn glass door opener

There are connected accessories for most every entryway in your home. Smart locks unlock both internal and external doors, while smart garage door openers make pulling your car in easier. Until recently, however, sliding glass doors had not connected with the smart home market.
Wayzn used CES 2020 to announce its connected sliding glass door opener, a device that can automatically open and close the sliding glass doors in your home. It’s an ideal solution for letting a pet out to use the bathroom when you're not home or for letting guests in through a back entrance. According to Wayzn, customers will soon be able to purchase a sensor that attaches to their pet's collar. When your four-legged friend approaches the door, it will open automatically to let them take care of business. 
The sliding glass door opener has an elegant design that looks significantly better than a pet door. It uses adhesive pads to attach to either side of the frame, and when you aren’t using the sliding glass door opener, the moving arm can be lifted up and out of the way with ease. It’s also totally DIY, so you won’t need to shell out for professional installation. Wayzn says the sliding glass door opener is compatible with all 5-, 6-, and 8-foot, two-panel sliding glass doors.

The sliding glass door opener has built-in resistance detection that triggers the auto-open function. This means there’s no need to worry about a pet or a small child getting wedged in the door while it's closing.
The door can be opened via a motion sensor, through a smart speaker, or through the Wayzn mobile app. Other features are on the way, including a collar-mounted sensor that tells the door to automatically open when your pet walks up to it. Users can also schedule specific times for the Wayzn to activate and control it from anywhere if guests show up.
If you’re interested, you can sign up to reserve the Wayzn sliding glass door opener now. The initial retail price is $400. While not the most affordable smart home device on the market, it’s less expensive than installing a pet door and more secure than using an insert. The initial release will have limited supplies as the company ramps up production. The Wayzn sliding glass door opener received the CES 2020 Smart Home Division Mark of Excellence for its innovative function and attractive design.

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Waze just added a new feature designed to make winter drives easier
2012 Jeep Grand Cherokee snow background

Waze has added a new feature for winter driving that should offer peace of mind if you ever find yourself commuting through snow-filled streets.

The navigation app will now offer snow reports on the state of nearby roads throughout the colder months of the year. It means, for example, that you’ll be able to quickly see whether a road has been plowed, allowing for more efficient route planning.

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