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Weekly Rewind: Apple event news, the best IFA bots, healthful tech

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Twitter CEO, Jack Dorsey
In the tech world, a lot happens in a week. So much news goes on that it’s almost impossible for mere mortals with real lives to keep track of everything. That’s why we’ve compiled a quick and dirty list of the top 10 tech stories from this week. Everything from what happened at Apple’s much anticipated September 7 press event to how tech is making us healthier, it’s all here.

iPhone 7 and 7 Plus: Everything you need to know


At long last, the iPhone 7 is here. At the Bill Graham Civic Auditorium in San Francisco, Apple continued its traditional naming structure with the introduction of the iPhone 7 and the iPhone 7 Plus. We’ve been playing around with the upcoming iOS 10 operating system in beta for the better part of two months, and the iPhone 7 and 7 Plus will ship with the new OS (read more about iOS 10 here), but we were excited to learn more about the actual phones.

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Apple’s waterproof Watch Series 2 also gets faster, brighter, and has GPS


Not to be outdone by wearables from likes of Asus, Motorola, and Pebble, Apple announced a brand-new smartwatch to beat back the encroaching competition: the Apple Watch Series 2. It may not look all that different from last year’s Apple Watch, but the biggest changes are under the hood.

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Hands on: Apple iOS 10


Once Apple hits its groove with an operating system, it riffs on the same melody for a couple iterations. So Apple’s iOS 8 and 9 came and went without really changing the song. In iOS 10, Apple is singing a new tune. It looks crisp, fresh, and different. The animations look entirely different from before, and there are loads of new features packed into this update.

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Our 6 favorite robots from IFA 2016 will mow, vacuum, and even sketch for you


Robots have been a staple of tech trade shows for decades at this point, and IFA 2016 was no different. As we made our way through the show floor this year, we encountered a wide variety of both old and new bots — some that mesmerized with their dance moves, others that tantalized with their industrial potential, and a few that left us wondering why they even existed. Here are some of our favorites.

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The best way to get rid of mosquitoes? Turn them all into males


If there’s one creature that has attracted the collective wrath of seemingly everyone on the planet, it’s the pesky mosquito. From West Nile to Zika, these insects have long served as vectors of disease, and now, there’s new talk of eradicating them altogether. And the way to go about doing it? By turning them all into males. Because the females are the ones who do all the bloodsucking — and of course egg-laying.

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Galaxy Note 7 recall: Samsung owners, here’s what you need to know


Spontaneous combustion is probably the last thing you’d expect from your shiny, expensive new smartphone, but it’s a fate that’s befallen a handful of Samsung Galaxy Note 7 units recently. Seoul, South Korea-based news agency Yonhap News reported earlier that as many as five Note 7 owners have documented their units suddenly catching fire. As of September 2, that number climbed to 35.

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Google Maps has now memorialized one employee’s bad day at work


There’s nothing quite like memorializing a bad day on the internet, and it only gets better when you do it on Google Maps. You know, the app used by more than a billion people. Alas, that seems to be the fate that befell an employee of Houston restaurant Flying Saucer, who had an “accident” that was captured by the passing Google car. So now, there’s an intersection in downtown Houston that features a man with a wet pant leg.

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Tech wrecked our bodies, but next it will make us healthier than ever


The explosive growth of consumer electronics over the past decade has changed almost every aspect of our society. Health care is no different. The same devices we use to slingshot birds and ninja swipe flying fruit are now improving our health in nearly every way, and could ultimately save our lives.

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Twitter for sale? Upcoming board meeting will shape company’s future


Is Twitter headed for a takeover? The company has been dodging the big question for the past year, but that could all be about to change. Twitter’s board of directors reportedly met this Thursday in San Francisco to discuss a number of hot topics, including the question on everyone’s lips: Can Twitter continue to operate as a stand-alone company? A number of sources close to the company revealed the news to Recode, which claims Twitter’s future is riding on the meeting.

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Mercedes’ Vision Van is the electric, drone-equipped van of the future

Mercedes-Benz Vision Van – Exterior ; Mercedes-Benz Vision Van – Exterior;

Mercedes-Benz has built its share of high-tech luxury concept cars over the years, but now it’s applying the latest technology to a different type of vehicle. The Mercedes-Benz Vision Van aims to show how automotive-tech buzzwords like connectivity and electric powertrains can be applied to commercial vehicles. It’s part of a new strategy called AdVANce, through which Mercedes hopes to become not just a vehicle manufacturer, but a purveyor of “holistic system solutions.”

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