WWDC 2019: From iOS 13 to a new Mac Pro, here’s what to expect

Apple knows how to throw a party, but its annual Worldwide Developer Conference (WWDC) is set to blow the roof off the McEnery Convention Center in San Jose, California with some amazing announcements. Best of all, it’s happening today, and you can watch it live.

WWDC will run from June 3 until June 7, and it all kicks off today at 10 a.m. PT or 1 p.m. ET. The keynote is expected to touch on all of Apple’s latest developments — but what are we actually expecting to see from the world’s biggest company? The next version of the iPhone’s operating system — iOS 13 — is a certainty, but what of those rumors of a new Mac Pro? And the death of iTunes? We’ve scoured the internet for the finest and freshest rumors, and we’ve compiled them all here.

From iOS 13 to HomePod improvements, here’s what we expect to see at Apple WWDC 2019.

MacOS 10.15

MacOS Mojave 10.14

iOS won’t be the only updated operating system Apple is likely to show off at WWDC — MacOS 10.15 is also expected, and it’s rumored to be packing a few impressive new features.

Perhaps the biggest change to MacOS is that it may follow in iOS’ footsteps by splitting iTunes into separate Music, Podcasts, and TV apps, according to new report from Bloomberg. The apps will likely be similar, if not the same, as the iOS apps, and according to the report, without the iTunes app users will be able to manage their devices through the Music app.

Many of the new additions are likely to be features that bring iOS and MacOS closer than ever before. Rumors suggest MacOS 10.15 will let Mac users use an iPad as a second screen, so you’ll be able to move windows onto your iPad and use an Apple Pencil to draw or write directly into MacOS.

It’s also rumored Apple is advancing its Marzipan project too, which would make iPads more easier to use as a full laptop replacement. Additions to MacOS 10.15 would allow developers to change an app’s input between touchscreen and trackpad/mouse depending on the OS of a device, reducing the need to make two versions of the same app.

Also expected is support for Siri Shortcuts and a Screen Time app, window snapping, iMessage Effects, and a revamped Find My iPhone app — which likely replicates the expected additions to the iOS 13 app. However, all these changes are not going to be without their casualties, as it’s likely 32-bit apps will no longer work on MacOS after 10.15.

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iOS 13

Justin Sullivan/Getty Images

Make no mistake about it, iOS 13 will be the biggest news out of WWDC, and it will take up a good amount of time during the keynote presentation.

But what can we expect from an updated version of Apple’s mobile operating system? The first whisper on everyone’s lips is the long-awaited addition of a dark theme. This system-wide setting is likely to be similar to MacOS’s dark theme, and will probably require developers to retool their respective apps for a dark look, much like Android Q’s dark mode. Hand-in-hand with a dark mode are changes to the iOS sleep mode. Rumors suggest we’ll be seeing new features for when you go to bed, including tighter integration with the existing Bedtime feature, darkening of the screen, and automatic Do Not Disturb.

It’s rumored that iOS 13 for iPad will also introduce new features aimed at boosting workflow, making Apple’s tablet a more effective workplace device. These new features include multi-window support, side-by-side instances of a single app, and stackable, movable cards inside apps.

Expect the usual raft of changes aimed at improving speed and general bug fixes, but Apple’s also revamping some of the core apps. Books, Mail, Messages, Maps, Reminders, and Health are all rumored to be getting improvements and additions in iOS 13. The new and improved Maps will supposedly let you save important addresses, while Messages is getting support for profile pictures and more privacy options. Reminders and Files look to be getting the biggest changes though, with improved filters and a much better layout.

New gestures are also apparently incoming, and include an “undo” gesture that uses a three-finger swipe to remove the last action or typed word. Find My iPhone may also be merging with Find My Friends, bringing features from both apps under the same roof. There are also rumors of a new and improved Home screen, though that particular feature may be postponed until iOS 14.

We won’t know which devices will be getting iOS 13 until it’s officially revealed, but rumors suggest some devices won’t get the update. Those rumored to be cut off from the latest software include the iPhone 6, iPhone 6 Plus, iPhone SE, iPhone 5s, the iPad Mini 2, and the original iPad Air. So if you’re reading this on any of them, try not to get too excited until the device list is confirmed.

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WatchOS 6 & tvOS 13

apple watch tips tricks apps
Andy Boxall/Digital Trends

We can’t forget about Apple’s last two operating systems either. WatchOS and tvOS are also set to receive update news during WWDC. tvOS 13 is set to be a relatively minor update, and may not get much stage time at the keynote — though Apple’s new Apple TV Plus service may get a small mention.

WatchOS 6 looks to be a more of a significant update though, and Apple Watch owners should watch closely. The Apple Watch is rumored to get its own App Store in WatchOS 6, so owners will be able to download apps straight to their wrists. That app store is likely to be joined by some new watchfaces, and a whole host of new apps. Rumored additions are medication-monitoring app Dose, menstrual cycle-tracking app Cycles, an audiobook app, a Calculator, Animoji and Memoji stickers, and more.

There will likely be more accessibility features too, and you might be able to expect support for hearing aid battery levels, rain data, and a tool that measures the sound level of surroundings. Since Apple is also tweaking its Health app in iOS 13, it’s also likely we’ll see more health-related features in WatchOS 6.

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Mac Pro

apple reveals mac pro price specs details 10 22

Apple has been on something of a roll recently, reviving long-dormant lines with snazzy new updates. Last year saw the reveal of a new Mac Mini, while this year saw new versions of both the iPad Mini and the iPad Air. Next, it could be the turn of the Mac Pro.

It’s been five years since we last saw a new Mac Pro, so its safe to say that anticipation for a new model is high. The new Mac Pro is rumored to be built from the ground up to be the perfect work machine for creative professionals. While specifics are scarce, expect plenty of processing power and something like the 9th-gen Intel Xeon processor powering the machine.

It’s safe to imagine a radical new design is in the works too. Rumors have been circulating Apple is looking to introduce a modular design in the new Mac Pro. Whether that means owners will be able to open the machine and add new components or something more complex is currently unknown, but some leaks claim it will comprise of a series of “bricks” that can be combined together to boost power and add capabilities.

The Mac Pro may also be joined by a new Apple-built monitor, which may also be available separately.

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Apple HomePod enhancements

Apple Homepod
Rich Shibley/Digital Trends

While the Apple HomePod has some great features that really set it apart, there’s no doubt it’s lagging behind the competition. WWDC doesn’t seem likely to include any new additions to the HomePod range, but we may be seeing some enhancements to Apple’s not-so-humbly priced smart speaker to bring it up to speed with the Google Home and Amazon Echo ranges.

A notable addition is rumored to be multi-user support, which means the HomePod will be able to recognize and reply to multiple people in a household, with customized responses. That update may also be joined by an improved Home app for iOS and Mac, which will reportedly allow users to view security camera footage from inside the app.

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