Yahoo Mail announces support for Gmail accounts

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Yahoo Mail has announced Gmail support for its mail service, two months after the official update that added a whole load of new features.

Gmail users will be able to receive emails, send emails, and check all saved and archived emails on Yahoo Mail. Similar functionality has been available for Outlook, Hotmail, and AOL Mail users since the October update.

Yahoo Mail has a few new tricks that should interest Gmail users, the first being the Account Key, which lets users sign in to mail without writing a long password. Yahoo supports the import of a variety of different media into emails, including GIFs, links, and videos.

The mail service also imports all contacts over to Yahoo Mail, removing the need to import contacts from the connected mail service. Yahoo Mail is able to track the habits of its users and understand what contact they’re looking to find, using date and time, frequency, and other measures.

The update to Yahoo Mail made it a much more compelling service, but Gmail already offers a lot of the features mentioned above on desktop and mobile. Gmail has also supported Yahoo email addresses for over a year.

To attach a Gmail account, go to Account Settings on desktop or mobile and connect the account.

Even though email is not seen as that big of a deal any more, for Google, Yahoo, and Microsoft it is still a competitive business. Google recently launched Inbox, a new email client for mobile and desktop, taking design-cues from Mailbox — an email client Dropbox recently shut down.

Yahoo might not be in the email business much longer however, following a board decision to spin off the company’s Web business.

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