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Don't upgrade your phone — just upgrade your phone case with the Zee Smart Core

ZEE CORE SMART CASE, makes your mobile device smarter. Fits and works with all mobile devices.
You don’t need to get a new phone to upgrade your mobile experience. You just need a smart phone case. Meet the newest device from Hello Zee — an “intelligent universal Zee Smart Core” that promises up to 128GB of memory, a full battery charge, LED light, and protection for your iPhone, Android, or tablet.

“The ZEE Core Smart Case is not just your traditional mobile accessory. It’s designed to last through your digital lifetime and offers an instant upgrade to any mobile device that you own,” said Hello ZEE founder Henry Elgrissy. “Imagine never having to worry if your external battery works with your new device or any other device you own, or not having to buy a completely new set of accessories every time you upgrade your phone. That is the freedom the ZEE Smart Core provides.”

Branded as “the most comprehensive multipurpose mobile accessory available,” the Zee Smart Core has been Apple-certified, but is compatible with a wide range of devices. With a 2,600mAh smart battery, wireless charging and micro USB charging capabilities, up to 128 GB of additional internal memory, and a powerful LED light that allows you to take impressive photos and videos regardless of lighting conditions, this is one case that does a lot more than prevent scratches.

You can manage your phone’s charging status by way of the Zee Core app, which can detect when your device’s battery is low and automatically initiate charging (or await your command). Better still, the case allows for wireless charging — just place your device on any Q1 charge pad, and the Smart Case will begin re-powering it. Once your phone or tablet is fully charged, the Smart Case will collect the additional power for itself.

Of course, if you don’t have a charge pad handy, that’s no problem either — you can still charge your phone via the dual use Micro USB charging port featured in the Zee Smart Case.

You can choose from three different options when it comes to the case, which are related to the memory allotment — there’s the 32GB Gun Metal, 64GB Silver, and 128GB Gold. With this additional storage space, you can manage a range of files and assets all from your phone case, and transfer data across operating systems and software. And of course, Zee promises that its built-in encryption will protect your information.

Cases start at $129, and increase in price based on your device model.

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