ZVUE Users Get Download System

When formally launched later in the first half of 2005, the HandHeld Entertainment digital content download system will allow individuals to identify, select and legally download digital content such as movies, videos, television shows, cartoons, music, audio clips and more for portable storage and playback on ZVUE personal media players.

“The content agreement with Like Television is just our first step on the road to delivering an end-to-end portable digital media solution,” Oscodar said. “And when we formally launch our digital content download system later this year, Like Television content will be part of that solution. At InfoGear (my previous company), we drove market acceptance of our devices by coupling them with a great service with more than 100 content partnerships. By doing so, our customers could enjoy our products right out of the box without having to search for content. The ZVUE is a great personal media player at a great price, and I’m confident that by adding a great service to this package, we will achieve mass-market sales.”