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There’s a huge sale on Kindle e-readers happening today

Nothing beats curling up in bed with a blanket, a good book, and some free time to read. Unfortunately, not everyone can carve out time to do that, so you gotta’ get in some reading where you can. Whether you read before going to sleep, on the commute to work, for your studies, or as a recreational activity, you’ll enjoy a new way to read with a Kindle. E-readers and tablets like Kindles make it easy to carry a growing library of books in your pocket or bag, and you can use them anywhere. There are different Kindle models to choose from, each with features that will provide comfort and convenience to an activity that has stood the test of time. Amazon’s Kindle devices are mainstays in our list of the best e-readers. Kindles are available across a wide budget range too, not unlike some of the best tablet deals you can find. Moreover, if you’d like to enjoy savings when buying one of these e-book readers, we’re here to help you out. Here are some of the best Kindle deals that are currently available from Amazon.

Kindle (2022) — $75, was $100

Amazon Kindle (2022) in front of book stack
Christine Romero-Chan/Digital Trends

This is the latest version of the mainline Kindle, a continuation of the original e-reader devices. What makes it different is it’s incredibly lightweight and compact design, albeit with a 6-inch 300 pixels-per-inch display, that’s glare-free and a pleasure to use. A single charge via the USB Type-C port offers battery life for up to six weeks.

This particular model comes with 16GB of storage, which is double the base variant. It is, however, lockscreen ad-supported, which means you’ll be served ads between use — you can order a version without. Moreover, both the denim and black styles are on sale, so you can choose your favorite.

Kindle Kids (2022) — $85, was $120

A child reads outside on the Amazon Kindle Kids Edition.

The Kindle Kids is remarkably similar to the latest release of the mainline Kindle, with the difference being that it’s designed for younger, less careful audiences. It comes with a two-year worry-free guarantee, and its purpose-built, with no apps, videos, or games to distract, it’s strictly for reading. It has the same 300 pixels-per-inch display, with 16GB of storage and access to Amazon’s Kindle services, including Kindle Kids+.

It also comes in a few vibrant designs, such as Ocean Explorer, Space Whale, and Unicorn Valley. It should be noted that the Kindle Kids version does not have any lockscreen ads, nor do you need to worry about them. That takes a little added stress off parents worried their kids might come across something inappropriate while using the device.

Kindle Paperwhite (8GB) — $105, was $140

Kindle Paperwhite in Denim color.

This is the latest model of the Kindle Paperwhite, offering a 300 pixels-per-inch 6.8-inch display, 8GB of storage for books, and an adjustable warm reading light. This particular model comes with the lockscreen ads supported — although you can opt for the ad-free version if you prefer.

The device charges via a single USB Type-C port, and is waterproof, so it’s safe to continue reading in the tub or at the beach. You’ll get up to ten weeks of battery life on a single charge, with 20% faster page turns thanks to a slight performance boost in the latest release.

Amazon Kindle Paperwhite Kids (8GB) — $110

A girl reading an e-book on the Amazon Kindle Paperwhite Kids.

As its name suggests, the 2021 Amazon Kindle Paperwhite Kids takes the Amazon Kindle Paperwhite and focuses it on younger audiences. Every purchase of the e-book reader comes with a one-year subscription to Amazon Kids+, which provides access to thousands of books ranging from timeless classics to popular modern series. Your child will never run out of age-appropriate books to read, and once the subscription ends, you can choose to continue it so that these e-books will keep your children company as they grow up.

The Amazon Kindle Paperwhite Kids retains the Amazon Kindle Paperwhite’s 6.8-inch glare-free display, IPX8 rating, adjustable warm light, and weeks-long battery life. However, with additional tools like Vocabulary Builder and Word Wise, in addition to the child-focused features, the Amazon Kindle Paperwhite Kids is the perfect device for young book lovers, and a great gift from parents who want to teach their children the joy of reading books.

Kindle Paperwhite Signature Edition (32GB) — $140, was $190

Kindle Paperwhite Signature Edition propped up for reading on a table.

This can be considered the premium model or top-end model of the Kindle Paperwhite as it incorporates many excellent features like wireless charging, an auto-adjusting front light — for reading in low-light conditions — and no lockscreen ads. That last bit is important because customers can choose to save a little money, but at the same time they’ll be served lockscreen ads, and have almost no control over what’s shown.

This model comes with a 6.8-inch display, 32GB of storage for books, and all the features you know and love from the Kindle ecosystem. You can access thousands of new stories through Kindle Unlimited, go hands-free by pairing with an Audible subscription, or just read books the conventional way, it’s entirely up to you.

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