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3 best Peacock TV shows to watch on Father’s Day

Three men talking outside, all in cowboy hats in a scene from Yellowstone.
Paramount Network

With Father’s Day 2024 on the horizon, you’ll want to shower the dad in your life with gifts, love, and admiration. Chances are, what he really wants is a quiet day at home to relax and do absolutely nothing. Dads work hard, after all. He might even want to plop down on the couch and binge watch a cool show, whether it’s by himself with a beer and snacks in hand or with the family.

If you’re looking for a great dad-friendly show, Peacock has you covered. What are the three best Peacock TV shows to watch on Father’s Day? Here are our picks for shows that are great to watch with dad, or for dad to check out on his own: no young kids allowed for these ones!

Twisted Metal (2023-)

A menacing clown walks with others behind him in a scene from Twisted Metal.
Skip Bolen / Peacock/Sony TV

Based on the popular Sony Interactive Entertainment vehicular combat video game franchise, Twisted Metal has all the elements that dad will be looking for in a gripping TV show to relax and binge watch. It’s violent, irreverent, funny, and has epic car chase scenes. The postapocalyptic action comedy stars Anthony Mackie as John Doe, a man who doesn’t remember his life before the world ended. He works a lone job as a “milkman,” delivering items from one community to another through dangerous terrains.

He’s given the opportunity of a lifetime to make an especially dangerous trip to pick up something seemingly important. If he succeeds, he’ll gain entrance to a lavish and protected community where he can finally settle in. Together with another lone survivor he happens upon named Quiet (Stephanie Beatriz), they make the journey, encountering roadblock after roadblock along the way.

With standout performances by Joe Seanoa (and voiced by Will Arnett) as the psychotic killer clown Sweet Tooth and Thomas Haden Church as the power-hungry, narcissistic former cop Agent Stone, Twisted Metal is mindless fun from beginning to end. There are scenes that will make dad wince, laugh out loud, and pump his fists in the air. He doesn’t even have to be familiar with the game to appreciate everything the show has to offer. But if he has played it, he’ll love it even more. With only a single season available so far (the show has been renewed for season 2), dad can binge through it all in a single day or over the weekend.

Stream Twisted Metal on Peacock. 

Yellowstone (2018-)

A woman knees beside her father who is sitting outside with a cowboy hat on Yellowstone.
Paramount Network

There’s no series that screams “dad show” as much as Yellowstone. Set on a ranch, it has drama, desire for power, and strong male characters, including Kevin Costner’s John Dutton III. He’s the patriarch of the Dutton family that owns the largest ranch in Montana, and has been for generations. But the land borders on an Indian Reservation, and there’s a constant battle with not only the residents there but corporate rich folks who have their eyes on the wide, expansive property and all the financial spoils that comes with it.

Often described as the country version of Succession, Yellowstone has troubled characters of all kinds, from the autocratic dad to the tortured son and the favorite yet ruthless daughter. The neo-Western drama checks all the boxes. With the series ending after the second half of its fifth and final season this November, it’s the perfect time for dad to catch up in anticipation of the sure-to-be explosive end, or re-watch before the final episodes. Once he’s done, there are several prequels, including 1883 and 1923, and two upcoming spinoffs, 6666 and 1944, to keep the story going, each one covering pivotal decades and periods of Dutton mayhem.

Stream Yellowstone on Peacock. 

ted (2024-)

John and Ted sitting next to one another in a classroom from the Peacock prequel series Ted.

If dad loves goofy, sophomoric humor, and especially if he has seen and loved the movies Ted and Ted 2, he’ll appreciate the fantasy comedy series ted. Positioned as a prequel, ted tells a coming-of-age story of John Bennett (Max Burkholder, played by Mark Wahlberg in the movies) as he navigates high school life with his best friend Ted (voiced by Seth McFarlane), an anthropomorphic teddy bear. The fanfare about Ted coming to life is over, and he’s now just living as a regular member of society with John and his parents.

While decades have passed by the time the movies take place and John is an adult (albeit an immature one), Ted remains the same teddy bear in this series, making him even more inappropriate as the best pal of a 16-year-old. Yes, there’s lots of raunchy potty humor, and Ted is still a foul-mouthed yet adorable stuffed animal who can walk and talk. Dad will love how the show is presented like a stereotypical ’90s sitcom (set in that decade, too) but with adult humor and lots of cursing.

The juxtaposition between the hot-tempered Vietnam war veteran dad Matty (Scott Grimes) and the meek, infectiously positive and deeply traditional mom Susan (Alanna Ubach) is just as engaging as the antics that Ted and John get up to in each episode. The addition of feminist cousin Blaire (Giorgia Whigham) adds a unique element. There’s no real overarching story, just a young man going through firsts with his best friend, and encountering plenty of hilarious moments along the way.

Stream ted on Peacock.

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