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Activision Blizzard taps longtime Tarantino producer to co-head film and TV division

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Activision Blizzard
Activision Blizzard’s plans for creating television series and films based on its iconic game franchises are progressing. The company has announced that Stacey Sher, an acclaimed producer who has frequently collaborated with the likes of Quentin Tarantino and Steven Soderbergh, will co-lead its new film and TV studio. Sher joins former Disney exec Nick van Dyk as co-president of Activision Blizzard Studios.

The company’s intellectual properties include Call of Duty, Skylanders, Diablo, and StarCraft, so there’s no shortage of material for Sher, van Dyk, and the studio to work with when it comes to gaming-inspired TV and film projects. Sher’s background seems ideal for the new role; clearly, she knows her way around an action film, has produced award-winning work, and must not be squeamish.

In addition to working on Tarantino’s most recent film, The Hateful Eight, Sher has collaborated with the famed filmmaker on Django Unchained and Pulp Fiction. With Soderbergh, her credits include Contagion, Erin Brockovich, and Out of Sight. Sher’s other projects have been varied, including everything from Garden State to Gattaca to Matilda. She has also executive produced all six seasons of Comedy Central’s Reno 911.

“Stacey is a rare talent behind two decades of award-winning television series and films,” said Bobby Kotick, Chief Executive Officer of Activision Blizzard, in a press release. “Her ability to collaborate with the most inspired, talented people in entertainment and her unyielding commitment to creativity make her perfectly suited to Activision Blizzard Studios.”

The company highlighted the importance of “honoring the commitment” of fans as they expand their franchises to include film and television projects. Sher is on the same page, saying, “As its large and loyal fanbase can attest, Activision Blizzard has created franchises that mean so much to audiences over the course of 35 years. I’m excited about our mandate to create filmed entertainment based on Activision Blizzard games that is as great as the games themselves.”

Now we’ll just have to be patient and wait and see what Sher and Activision Blizzard Studios come up with.

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