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Burial trailer pits the Russians vs. the Nazis in WWII

In IFC Midnight’s new film, Burial, it’s 1945 in Berlin, and Adolf Hitler is dead. WWII is nearing the end, but there is still work left to do. A group of Russian soldiers is given what they think is a simple task: Get Hitler’s dead body out of Germany. However, the soldiers learn they’re being followed, and the Germans want Hitler back.

At the center of the fictional story is Brana Vasilyeva, a female Russian soldier played by Charlotte Vega. In the trailer, Vasilyeva is worried about the mission and appears to be on edge at all times, knowing that Hitler’s remains are of the utmost importance to a lot of people, especially among the Germans. When their truck breaks down and the soldiers enter the town for supplies, the band of soldiers begins to realize they are being followed.

Burial - Official Trailer ft. Charlotte Vega, Tom Felton | HD | IFC Midnight

The Russians are being stalked by a group of German soldiers known as the “Werewolves.” The werewolves were a group of Nazi partisans tasked with harassing and fighting the Allied forces as they advanced through Germany. Their guerilla warfare tactics mirrored those of a werewolf, hence the name. The werewolves ambush the Russian unit as they attempt to steal Hitler’s body. However, Vasilyeva leads the remaining soldiers in one last stand because in her words, “The war is not over.”

Starring alongside Vega are Barry Ward, Dan Renton Skilner, Bill Milner, Harriet Walter, and Harry Potter’s Tom Felton. Burial is directed by Ben Parker, a British film director best known for his 2016 survival film, The Chamber.

 Charlotte Vega holding a gun in a scene from Burial.
Image used with permission by copyright holder

Burial opens in select theaters and on-demand on September 2.

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