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Cablevision goes bold, offers Hulu content on demand

Hulu Plus
After making headlines for becoming the first pay-TV provider to offer HBO’s new standalone service, HBO Now, to broadband customers, Cablevision has again made headlines in the streaming world by bringing streaming site Hulu to its cable boxes.

While the addition of Hulu — which streams original programming, as well as series from a host of channels like FX, Fox, TNT, and Adult Swim — seems like a strange move for a cable provider, Cablevision is fighting aggressively to stay ahead of the curve in the ever-evolving entertainment landscape.

According to the Wall Street Journal, the terms allow Hulu programming to be accessed on demand from Cablevision set-top boxes. There will also be an option to access the Hulu app from Cablevision boxes, according to the report. However, further details and pricing for the service have not been disclosed at this time. Hulu Plus, which carries the majority of the service’s content, currently costs subscribers $8/month.

Alongside deals with Hulu and HBO Now, last week the company unveiled two separate “cord-cutter” bundles. The first bundle, at $44.90 per month, gives customers high-speed internet (50 Mbps) and a Mohu Leaf digital antenna that can be used to watch OTA channels without a cable package. The second bundle, at $34.90 per month, offers the same package, but comes with a slower internet connection speed that tops out at 5 Mbps.

“The partnership with Hulu reflects Cablevision’s desire to meet customers where they are,” said Kristin Dolan, chief operating officer of Cablevision in a press release. “There is a new generation of consumers who access video through the Internet, and whatever their preference, Cablevision will facilitate a great content experience.”

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