Captain America throws new trailer and poster at the world

captain america throws new trailer and poster at the world capIt has been a big summer filled with huge hits and major flops, and it is only June.  And still on the docket, one of the biggest releases of the year is due next month when Captain America jumps to the big screen to beat on some Ratzis with his shield and super soldier infused fists. And with just under a month to go before the release of Marvel’s final pre-Avengers outing—and arguably the most important solo movie—the advertising blitz (pun intended) has begun.

The trailer below gives a bit more of a look at the story for Captain America. You have the young and scrawny Steve Rogers (Chris Evans) volunteer for a program to make him more of a soldier. After the successful experiment, he becomes the prime weapon in the fight against Hydra, the Nazis’ scientific and terror group led by the Red Skull (Hugo Weaving). Along the way, Cap puts foot to ass in the name of truth, justice and apple pie.

Look for Captain America: The First Avenger in theaters on July 22.