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Casey Anthony tells all in first-look at Where The Truth Lies

In 2011, Casey Anthony was put on trial for allegedly murdering her young daughter, Caylee, in 2008. After a highly publicized trial, Anthony was found not guilty. Now, Anthony is finally sitting down to explain her side of the story in Peacock’s new documentary, Casey Anthony: Where The Truth Lies.

The three-part limited series includes a collection of interviews with Anthony as she describes the investigation and trial that would define her life for over a decade. In the teaser, Anthony is asked about why she decided to speak for the documentary despite not having creative control. Before she can speak, the teaser cuts to black before these three words appear: “Casey Anthony speaks.”

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Casey Anthony: Where The Truth Lies | Official Teaser | Peacock Original

Alexandra Dean, best known for This Is Paris and Bombshell: The Hedy Lamarr Story, serves as showrunner and director for Casey Anthony: Where The Truth LiesIn a statement released from Peacock, Dean said: “While having access to Casey was critical, it was even more important that we had complete editorial control over the outcome of the reporting we did. Casey did not see or give notes on the film. What emerges over the course of multiple interviews recorded over six months is a startling psychological portrait of Casey Anthony and a complete narrative of what she says happened to her daughter weighed against multiple sources of potential evidence. I believe the result will surprise many, and cause the American public to look at this story in a new light.”

In addition to interviews with Anthony, the true crime docuseries will showcase behind-the-scenes footage and evidence presented by the defense. Tamra Simmons, Ebony Porter-Ike, Laura Michalchyshyn, and Sam Sniderman will executive produce, and Chanel Hudson-O’Connor and Katie Turley-Molony will co-executive produce.

Casey Anthony sits down and stares in a scene from Where The Truth Lies.

Casey Anthony: Where The Truth Lies premieres on Peacock on November 29.

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