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X-Men actor Lucas Till cast as lead in CBS’ MacGyver reboot pilot

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Reboots are everywhere, and CBS is moving forward with one of its own. The television studio has cast X-Men‘s Lucas Till as the lead role in the MacGyver reboot pilot it has been developing, reports Deadline. The show is a reimagined version of the secret agent series, which debuted in 1985 on ABC, and its pilot will co-star Joshua Boone.

The project isn’t a remake, but rather a prequel series. The story will center on a younger version of the series’ iconic character, Angus MacGyver, as he is recruited into working for a covert organization. As any MacGyver reboot should, the pilot will highlight the character’s penchant for problem-solving (e.g. using a strange assortment of everyday objects to save himself and others). The pilot is directed by David Von Ancken and co-written by Paul Downs Colaizzo and Brett Mahoney, all of whom will co-executive produce.

Till takes over a role that was filled by Richard Dean Anderson for the original show’s seven seasons. Boone’s character, meanwhile, is new to the reboot; he’ll play Gunner, who has been MacGyver’s best friend since high school. The cast so far also includes George Eads (CSI).

Prior to being cast as MacGyver, Till was selected to co-star in the X-Men film franchise as Havok, a mutant superhero. He also recently starred in 2015’s Bravetown and will next appear in X-Men: Apocalypse and 2017’s Monster Trucks. Boone’s credits include roles in 2015’s Fan Girl and the short film Brooklove.

The MacGyver pilot comes from CBS TV Studios with original creators Lee David Zlotoff, James Wan, Henry Winkler, and Michael Clear all executive producing alongside Von Ancken, Colaizzo, and Mahoney. The project will need the ingenuity of its predecessor, so let’s hope they’ve been creatively reexamining items like paper clips, mugs, magnets, and more.

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