Chris Pratt gets pranked with two life-size dinosaurs in YouTube vid

Actor Chris Pratt may be tired of dinosaurs by now, but unbeknownst to him, the star of the mega-hit Jurrasic World had at least one more reptilian thrill in store. Pratt recently got pranked with the help of some life-size animatronic dinosaurs by YouTuber SA Wardega in a hidden camera video that has now reached close to two-million views on the site.

You may not know him immediately by face or name, as Pratt did not. But Polish YouTuber Sylwester Wardega is no stranger to Internet video pranking fame. He most famously created the creepy mutant giant spider dog video – which Pratt references in this video – that has, in less than a year, been viewed more than 140 million times. He first made a name for himself back in 2013 for his video called Police Trainer where he taunts Polish cops by drinking a beer in public, then bolting to see if they will try to catch him. The verdict? It’s worth watching.

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This latest video, which not quite as entertaining, includes highly-realistic looking and moving animatronic dinosaurs that scare and surprise Pratt as he turns a hallway corner.

Interestingly enough, the massive creatures still don’t seem to scare Pratt quite as much as a dog in a spider costume seemed to have frightened folks in the aforementioned video. What makes this video funny, however, is Pratt’s reaction to having been “had.”

Obviously, the massively-successful fourth installment of the Jurassic Park franchise, Jurassic World, was the inspiration behind the prank. And while Pratt may have been less than thrilled with the ruse, he ought to be more than able to take it in stride. As the lead in what has quickly become one of the most successful blockbusters of all time — raking in a record $524.4 million in its opening weekend alone according to Variety — Pratt doesn’t have much to complain about. Though we’re guessing he’ll be glad to soon be done with dinosaurs for a while — until the next sequel, anyway.