Warner Bros/DC Comics planning Blue Beetle/Booster Gold buddy-hero flick

dc comics and warner brothers working on film with blue beetle booster gold logo

DC Comics is teaming up with Warner Brothers once again, this time for a big-screen buddy-hero film involving Justice League members Blue Beetle and Booster Gold, according to The Tracking Board.

Producer/Director Greg Berlanti, who has success adapting the comics studio’s CW franchises Arrow, The Flash, and the upcoming Legends of Tomorrow is set to helm the new project. Given his history with the studio, and his proven talent in the genre, this should come as extremely good news for fans of the two lesser-known heroes.

Booster Gold is DC’s version of Tony Stark/Iron Man, a wise-cracking genius with a stolen power suit who travelled back in time from the 25th century to become a modern-day hero.

The Blue Beetle, AKA Ted Kord, is akin to Marvel’s Ant Man — a scarab-infested scientist who takes over the suit after a predecessor dies, fights crime with special technology, athleticism, and his high IQ.

The new film will contrast itself from the movie studio’s previously uber-serious comic book releases, relying on humorous storytelling and comedic interactions between the two heroes. Modern day-versions of the characters have been closely associated in print, even appearing together in a co-feature from DC in 2009, but the pair’s only ever screen time occurred during a single episode of the CW’s longtime Superman hit Smallville.

In fact, comic book nerds might remember that a Blue Beetle series was once slated to replace Smallville, but never came to fruition.

On paper, the film is a good play — if Warner Brothers/DC want to compete with the silver screen success of Mavel’s Avengers, they need to put together a cast for their Justice League, and fast. That’s a project they seem more serious about with every announcement at this point; The studio is also developing films for The Suicide Squad and Green Lantern Corps, as well as the much anticipated Batman vs. Superman: Dawn of Justice, which is slated for release in spring of 2016.