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DC unveils new film footage of The Batman, The Flash, and others

In case you hadn’t noticed, the Super Bowl is this Sunday. However, Warner Bros. isn’t waiting to show off all four of its DC superhero films coming this year. In a newly released sizzle reel, Warner Bros. dropped new footage from The Batman, The Flash, Black Adam, and Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom. And for at least three of these films, it’s the best look yet at these superhero epics.

The World Needs Heroes | DC

There’s no bigger hero in the DC Universe than the Caped Crusader, so The Batman takes the early focus here. There’s not a lot that we haven’t seen from Robert Pattinson’s Dark Knight, but these scenes do set the tone for the reboot film. This is a story that is completely separate from the other DC movies, and we’ll be able to see it for ourselves on March 4.

Black Adam has perhaps the most significant portion of this preview. In addition to Dwayne Johnson in costume as Black Adam, we also see all four of the Justice Society members who will be making their big-screen debuts in the film. Aldis Hodge appears as Hawkman, with Noah Centineo as Atom Smasher, Quintessa Swindell as Cyclone, and Pierce Brosnan as Doctor Fate. There’s even a brief scene of Brosnan as Fate’s alter ego, Kent Nelson. Black Adam will be the second DC movie of the year, and it will hit theaters on July 29.

A scene from The Flash.
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Ezra Miller’s Flash gets a visually arresting new costume in the preview from his film. Barry Allen/The Flash is trying to change the past and prevent the murder of his mother. However, his meddling with history may have dire consequences when The Flash runs into theaters on November 4.

Finally, Aquaman and Mera are back together in the very first clips from Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom. Jason Momoa’s King of Atlantis is also sporting a new costume based upon Aquaman’s outfit from the ’80s. This film will swim into movie theaters on December 16.

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