10 strangest things about Marvel’s superhero sorcerer Doctor Strange

Brace yourselves, Marvel movie fans: Things are going to get weird in Marvel’s cinematic universe with the arrival of Doctor Strange, the superhero sorcerer with a penchant for bending reality as we know it to defend the mortal realm from supernatural threats.

Created by legendary artist and writer Steve Ditko in 1963, Doctor Strange will make the leap from comics to the big screen later this year, with Sherlock star Benedict Cumberbatch (as seen in the behind-the-scenes images above) playing the lead role in the film. While the film is expected to formally introduce occult elements to Marvel’s movie universe, fans of the character know that the adventures of surgeon-turned-sorcerer Stephen Strange have long been a magnet for the bizarre stories — both in print and outside the pages of the comics.

What could be so strange about the history of the man called “Doctor Strange,” you ask? You’ll find 10 examples in the gallery above along with some fun footage from the film set.

If that’s not strange enough for you, you don’t have long to wait for more superhero sorcery. Doctor Strange hits theaters November 4.