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10 villains who need to be introduced to the Marvel Cinematic Universe, ranked

Though Marvel Studios has just about finished Phase Four of its cinematic universe, there are still many powerful supervillains that should be introduced in future projects.

There are plenty of evil scientists, ancient demons, and cosmic conquerors that the studio can bring in to face Earth’s Mightiest Heroes. In anticipation of the battles to come, here are the villains that need to be introduced to the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

10. Dracula

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After being transformed into a vampire in the 1400s, Vlad Dracula used his unholy strength to become the strongest and most ruthless bloodsucker in the world. Dracula has long been a formidable adversary to Marvel’s heroes, having recently established an entire nation of vampires in his pursuit of world domination.

Marvel Studios has succeeded in experimenting with werewolves and swamp monsters with the acclaimed TV horror special Werewolf by Night, so the next logical step would be to introduce Dracula into the mix. Also, since Blade is getting a reboot film in the MCU, who better to have the Daywalker fight than the Lord of the Vampires himself?

9. Knull

Marvel Comics

Recently introduced to Marvel Comics as the God of the Symbiotes, Knull once waged war against the Celestials with All-Black the Necrosword, which audiences know as the weapon wielded by Gorr the God Butcher. Eventually, Knull learned how to create the symbiotes and made them spread darkness throughout the universe until they were all freed from his control. Though the evil deity is typically associated with Venom, he and his legions have also clashed with the likes of Spider-Man, the Avengers, the Fantastic Four, and the X-Men.

Sony is now building its own cinematic universe with Venom currently at the center of it, but the fact that it has crossed over with the MCU shows there is the possibility of bringing those two worlds together. And what better way to do that than by having the heroes and antiheroes teaming up to face this cosmic horror?

8. Molecule Man

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Owen Reece was once an ordinary lab technician, but after being exposed to nuclear radiation (as these things so often happen in comic books), he gained the power to manipulate matter and energy on a molecular level.

He later gained the ability to warp reality itself, giving him control over multiple dimensions to the point that he can alter the entire multiverse. Sure, Reece might be too overpowered, but the MCU has succeeded in adapting the all-powerful members of its comic book lineup, so the filmmakers can surely do the same with him.

7. Bullseye

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As many fans already know, Bullseye has long been one of Daredevil’s greatest adversaries, as he has the ability to use almost any object as a deadly projectile with superhuman accuracy. Though Bullseye did appear as a villain in Netflix’s Daredevil, he only appeared as the lethal FBI agent “Benjamin Poindexter.”

Since Charlie Cox has returned as Daredevil in the MCU, it is high time for Poindexter to finally take up the mantle of Bullseye and battle the Man Without Fear once more.

6. Annihilus

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This alien conqueror first appeared in the comics when the Fantastic Four traveled to the Negative Zone and stole his Cosmic Control Rod, which allows him to control matter and attain near-complete immortality. Combined with his seemingly infinite army of Centurions, Annihilus has rivaled the likes of Thanos and even Galactus, making him one of the greatest threats ever seen in Marvel Comics.

Since he has repeatedly clashed with the Fantastic Four, Annihilus could make his MCU debut as the villain in the team’s upcoming film. While Annihilus would also work well as an Avengers-level threat, having the Fantastic Four battle him and his alien army would make for a cosmic epic worthy of Marvel’s First Family.

5. Mister Sinister

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Born Nathaniel Essex, this Victorian-era scientist was a human who became obsessed with creating a race of perfect superhumans after learning the theories of Charles Darwin. After being transformed by Apocalypse and his Celestial technology, Essex became the immortal mutant Mister Sinister. He spent decades conducting horrible experiments on people and eventually learned to make clones of mutants like Jean Grey and Namor to serve his purposes.

Out of all the villains in the X-Men franchise, this one arguably needs the MCU treatment the most. Sinister was originally intended to have a role in Fox’s X-Men universe in films like Logan and The New Mutants, but of course, he never showed up. Since Marvel Studios is planning to introduce X-Men and Deadpool to its cinematic universe, Sinister should arguably make his live-action debut sometime soon.

4. Mephisto

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Basically Marvel’s version of the Devil, Mephisto has spent centuries whispering in people’s ears and striking up Faustian bargains so he can claim more souls to serve him in his domain of the damned. Over the years, Mephisto has developed strong and bitter relationships with Doctor Doom, Ghost Rider, Green Goblin, Thanos, and even Spider-Man, making him one of Marvel’s most prolific villains.

Being an immortal demon, Mephisto can never truly die. He has granted people wishes that can alter time and reality itself, which can make him a daunting adversary for almost any Marvel hero. For years, fans have been speculating when Mephisto will reveal himself in the MCU. But according to Deadline, there have been rumors that Sacha Baron Cohen, of all people, will portray the Satanic supervillain in the MCU, so audiences may soon see this infernal adversary rear his head.

3. Galactus

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As the Devourer of Worlds, Galactus has long been one of the greatest existential threats to Earth and many other planets across the universe. But despite his destructive tendencies, Galactus is a villain beyond good and evil. He doesn’t destroy planets out of hatred or malice, but rather out of hunger, as he needs to consume these worlds to survive. This has made him one of the most compelling villains that Marvel has ever produced, and it’s a shame that the MCU hasn’t introduced him after so many years.

Marvel failed to do Galactus justice on the big screen with the critically panned Fantastic Four: Rise of the Silver Surfer, as audiences mainly witnessed him as a giant space cloud. But since the studio has embraced the bizarre, otherworldly side of the Marvel Universe by depicting beings such as the Celestials on the screen, the filmmakers surely know how to portray Galactus the right way.

2. Magneto

Marvel Comics

Magneto and his Brotherhood of Mutants have long fought to make their kind the dominant species, causing them to clash with the X-Men on numerous occasions. Despite this, Magneto has been shown to have taken a more heroic path both in the comics and on the big screen, and he has recently worked alongside Professor X in founding the mutant nation of Krakoa and battling powerful threats to their existence.

Whether or not Marvel intends to introduce Magneto as a hero or villain, bringing him to the MCU should be a top priority, as he remains both one of the greatest villains and one of the most influential mutants in the Marvel Universe.

1. Doctor Doom

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Seeking to bring order and growth to humanity by controlling it, Doom has long fought to achieve world domination, causing him to clash with multiple Marvel heroes, specifically the Fantastic Four. Doom has created a variety of machines and weapons, including an armored battle suit. Also, as the Supreme Leader of the nation of Latveria, Doom has been protected by diplomatic immunity, making him nearly untouchable.

As a master of both science and magic, Victor von Doom has long been considered one of the most intelligent minds in the Marvel universe, as well as the most dangerous. To give an idea of how fearsome he is, he once rewrote all of reality as the universe was being destroyed in an incursion and became the god of the new world. Though the MCU is setting up Kang the Conqueror to be it’s next big bad, Doom should undoubtedly be the last big threat in the Multiverse Saga.

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