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Drone crash on Netflix set causes ‘serious disfigurement’ to actor’s face

A high-profile Taiwanese actor was badly injured during a Netflix shoot recently when a camera drone collided with his face.

Kai Ko suffered what his manager described as “serious disfigurement,” with his injuries requiring as many as 30 stitches close to his cheekbone, Variety reported.

The accident occurred on December 27, but has only recently been reported. It took place during the making of a Mandarin-language fantasy series called Agent From Above, produced by Singapore’s mm2 Asia and Taiwan’s Good Films Production.

The show’s producers told Variety that the crew has restarted work, but Ko has not yet returned to the set as he is being given more time to rest and recover.

In a statement, the producers were keen to point out that the crew was using the camera-equipped drone within standard safety guidelines.

Notably, they explained that the drone’s propeller blades were “shielded by a protective layer and there was no explosion or blades shattering as reported in some articles.”

It added: “We are deeply regretful that the accident occurred and injured Kai’s cheeks. Kai was immediately provided medical attention, and his talent management team has also arranged micro-stitching for him.”

The production team has launched a full investigation into the incident to try to work out how a shoot using a drone could go so wrong.

In recent years, advances in drone technology mean that the flying machines are being increasingly used in TV and movie productions for a range of aerial and low-level shots. Accidents like these are extremely rare during productions, so it’ll be important to find out how last month’s incident actually happened.

Netflix has yet to make any public comment about the drone accident.

Ko is a big star in Taiwan. He gained prominence in the 2011 school drama You Are the Apple of My Eye, which was a major hit across Asia.

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