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The Netflix Cup combines F1 and the PGA Tour in Las Vegas

Promo poster for The Netflix Cup.

As if this November in Las Vegas couldn’t get any more incredible. With the inaugural Formula 1 Las Vegas Grand Prix set for November 19 under the bright lights of the Sin City strip, the pomp and circumstance of an F1 race are now being joined by The Netflix Cup.

Four pairs — comprising an F1 driver teamed up with a PGA Tour pro — will play an eight-hole match, with the top two teams advancing on to the final hole at the Wynn Golf Club, just a stone’s throw (or a pitching wedge, really) from the race course itself.

And the whole thing will be livestreamed on Netflix, starting at 6 p.m. ET on Tuesday, November 14.

While the teams themselves haven’t been announced, we do know who’s participating. On the Formula 1 side, we’ll see Alex Albon, Pierre Gasly, Lando Norris, and Carols Sainz. (Sainz is the only participating driver currently in the Top 5 in points, some 280 behind leader Max Verstappen.) On the PGA Tour side of the equation, we’ll see Rickie Fowler, Max Homa, Collin Morikawa, and Justin Thomas. (Homa is the highest-ranked among that bunch, currently seventh in the world rankings.)

Netflix is no stranger to Formula 1, of course. Formula 1: Drive to Survive is in its sixth season of production and continues to be a huge hit for the streamer. And made-for-TV golf matches have done well in recent years, too.

“We love to see how our sports series have brought increased fandom to sports leagues and competitions all over the world,” Netflix’s Gabe Spitzer, Vice President, Nonfiction Sports, said in a press release. “The Netflix Cup will take that energy to the next level with global stars from two popular hits competing in our first-ever live sports event.”

The Las Vegas Grand Prix is scheduled to start at 10 p.m. PT (that’s 1 a.m. ET) on Sunday, November 19. The course will take drivers down the heart of the Las Vegas Strip before turning down Sands Avenue and squeezing between the Wynn Golf Club and The Sphere — the giant, LED-covered arena that already has been tormenting golfers. We’ll have to see what it does with open-wheel cars whizzing by at more than 100 mph.

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