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Fox draws new blood for Rambo TV series, Stallone to produce

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It’s been five minutes, which means it’s time for another beloved film franchise to be called back into action. According to Deadline, Fox is preparing a one-hour drama series based on iconic action film franchise Rambo, which will be executive produced by the original Rambo himself, Sylvester Stallone.

Updated 12/7/2015 by Ryan Waniata: Contrary to initial reports, Deadline has since updated its initial report, saying that Stallone will not be involved. The new report quotes Stallone’s reps, who said the actor “opted not to participate in the planned Rambo television series in any way at all.”

A project that has long been on the back burner at Fox studios, Rambo: New Blood will be written by Die Hard screenwriter Jeb Stuart. The series will reportedly focus on the relationship between Rambo and his son J.R., an ex-Navy SEAL. This is a common theme in feature-to-TV spinoffs, which often remove or limit the on-screen exposure of the main film characters — largely because studios can rarely get the original actors to reprise their higher-budget roles on the small screen.

Whether or not Stallone will make an appearance in the new series remains to be seen, with some sources suggesting that he will reprise his role as John Rambo, and others saying he won’t appear at all. But Stallone is no stranger to a revival, recently re-hashing his role as fighter Rocky Balboa in critically acclaimed blockbuster Creed.

Originally based on a David Morrell novel called First Blood, the Rambo franchise follows former Green Beret and Vietnam Veteran John Rambo, who is a master of guerilla warfare. There have been four Rambo films over the years, and a fifth is currently in production. Likely, the studio will release Rambo: New Blood as a follow up to the new film, looking to continue the hype wave that comes with a big blockbuster action release.

Executives at Fox seem to be smitten with throwbacks at the moment, with TV adaptations of Lethal Weapon, Think Like A Man, and Behind Enemy Lines all currently in the works.

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