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‘Framed’ today, September 1: Answer and hints for the movie of the day (Thursday)

Attempting to solve today’s Framed for September 1 and need some help?

We have reached a new month. How did you do in August? Are your movie skills up to the task or do you need some guidance? Either way, our team will continue to assist with Framed if you need it in September.

Who’s ready to start the month off on a high note? Check out our hints that will help you win today’s Framed.

Check out our Framed guide if you missed yesterday’s movie of the day. Remember, check back daily for more hints and clues for each Framed.

How to play Framed

Framed is like Wordle and Heardle, but for movie lovers. Each day a new movie is picked, and players have the chance to guess the title based on a series of images from the film. If you guess wrong, a new image will be revealed. Players can see up to a maximum of six images. If you can’t guess based on the image, players can skip to the next image by leaving the input blank and clicking submit.

The goal is to name the movie in as few guesses as possible.

Framed hints for Thursday, September 1

  • Today’s Framed was released in 2013.
  • Today’s Framed was directed by Louis Leterrier.
  • Today’s Framed stars Jesse Eisenberg and Mark Ruffalo.
A man looks on his phone.

Framed answer for Thursday, September 1

If you’re still stumped, then we’ll step in and provide some assistance. If you want to see the answer to today’s Framed, scroll below.

The answer to today’s Framed is…

Now You See Me

Now You See Me Official Opening Scene (2013) - Mark Ruffalo, Morgan Freeman Movie HD

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