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Which House holds your allegiance? New Game of Thrones promo wants to know

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Which House holds your allegiance? HBO wants to know in its latest social media campaign, designed to drum up more attention (if that’s even possible) for its monster hit Game of Thrones.

While the Game of Thrones premiere on April 24 seems like it’s light years away — especially for those about to be engulfed in three feet of snow on the East Coast — HBO isn’t letting you forget your obsession with the most engaging fantasy drama in TV land. As such, the network has created three new promos (shown below), designed to be unveiled by tweeting the correct hashtag for your favorite house (#HouseLannister, #HouseTargaryen, #HouseStark).

Or, instead of Stark, should we say House Snow?

That last questions is a tough one, given that the short clips reveal almost zero information, least of all the status of one Jon Snow, whose (Spoiler Alert) murder last season has created the biggest stir of fan loyalty and shock since J.R. got shot on Dallas. Did he actually die? If so, will he be resurrected for season 6? (After all, we know that’s a thing.) That’s one mystery about which Game of Thrones isn’t budging.

If playing along with the social media game isn’t your bag, though, you can simply catch all three of the new promos right here, courtesy of YouTube.

The Lannister video features (interestingly enough) the voice of the High Sparrow (Jonathan Price) talking about the ability of the poor, if united, to “overthrow an empire.” Does this mean that his zealous cult will have a bigger role to play in season 6?

Game of Thrones Season 6: Lannister Battle Banner Tease (HBO)

The House Targaryen clip is another ill omen, this time for fans of khaleesi, as a Dothraki warns that Daenerys is “the millionth of her name” and calls her “Queen of nothing” while the tattered House banner waves before a field of flames.

Game of Thrones Season 6: Targaryen Battle Banner Tease (HBO)

Finally, the House Stark promo shows brilliant bolts of white lightning striking the snow, while Ramsay Bolton promises that “Winterfell is mine.”

Game of Thrones Season 6: Stark Battle Banner Tease (HBO)

So yeah, not a lot of hope rewarding those who tweet in their favorite banner. Is HBO playing with our heads? Of course it is — and we all know that will only increase the fervor for the season 6 premiere.

Season 6 of Game of Thrones touches down April 24.

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