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Hero Fiennes Tiffin on After Ever Happy, The Woman King, and wearing too-tight jeans

It’s often hyperbole when actors claim that acting is in their blood, but in Hero Fiennes Tiffin’s case, it’s true. His uncles are actors Ralph Fiennes and Joseph Fiennes, both of whom have dominated the British and American film industries with such films as The English Patient, Shakespeare in Love, and the James Bond franchise. He even co-starred with Ralph as the child version of Tom Riddle in the sixth Harry Potter installment, Harry Potter and the Half -Blood Prince.

Now all grown up, Tiffin has a franchise of his own: the After films, which chronicle the on-again, off-again romance between good girl Tess and bad boy Hardin. With the fourth installment, After Ever Happy, now on VOD, Tiffin took time to talk to Digital Trends about what attracts him to the role of Hardin, how his relationship with co-star Josephine Langford has evolved throughout four films, and his other upcoming projects, including starring in the acclaimed blockbuster The Woman King.

Digital Trends: When we last saw Hardin, his whole world has been turned upside down with the revelation of who his true father is. What can viewers expect when they encounter him in After Ever Happy?

Hero Fiennes Tiffin: I think viewers should be patient with him. I can only imagine what that revelation would do to you, especially to Hardin. Sometimes it takes something really bad before you realize how good things can be. It could be Hardin’s wake-up call.

Hardin sits on a bed in After Ever Happy.
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How has Hardin and Tessa’s relationship changed in After Ever Happy versus the previous three movies?

It’s less impulsive and slightly more rational, especially on Tess’ part. It’s important for her that her mental health and well-being are prioritized. She needed to stop being a crutch for Hardin.

Also, Hardin and Tess’ relationship is different in After Ever Happy. They aren’t adolescents like they were in the first movie. They are young adults now, and I hope we represented that change in their dynamic.

This is also your fourth film with Josephine Langford. How has your working relationship with her changed since the first movie?

I’ve been lucky to work with someone so talented and easy to work with. She’s so organized, on time, and is constantly thinking about other things about her character like continuity and even her costumes.

Off the bat, we worked well together. We had good chemistry, which was due in part to good casting. When we came back to do After We Collided and After Ever Happy, we were grateful to work together again because of that great chemistry, familiarity with each other, and understanding.

Hardin and Tessa embrace in After Ever Happy.
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This is the fourth film in the series. What is it about Hardin that makes you want to keep playing him?

The story is so rich. There are seven books, so I feel we owe it to the fans to make as many movies as possible because they’ve been so supportive. I’ve always been keen to wrap up the story in as many movies as it takes, and I was told it would be four at the beginning of the franchise and if we were lucky enough to get that far.

There doesn’t need to be an incentive for me to come back to play Hardin. I’ve always wanted to come back to the franchise. Every time I do come back, putting on that same iconic black short and jeans outfit, growing my hair out a bit, it gets me in the same mindset again. It’s relatively easy to do so, even though the jeans can be pretty tight. [Laughs] It’s always a pleasure, and I’m always grateful for the opportunity to do so.

Hardin and Tessa hold each other in After Ever Happy.
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Do you have a favorite scene in After Ever Happy?

The “father reveal” scene that you mentioned earlier is my favorite. I really look up to Stephen Moyer (True Blood), not just as an acto,r but as a person as well, so any time I’m working opposite him, we can chat about the industry or things outside the industry in-between takes.

I loved how we all (Fiennes Tiffin, Moyer, and the director) decided how the scene would play out with all the blocking and movements. After that scene, both Stephen and I noticed how we actually share similar mannerisms that helps the scene play better.

In addition to After Ever Happy, you have several interesting projects for 2022 and beyond, including The Woman King. Can you talk a bit about that film?

The Woman King will make you happy and sad. I think it’s a film the world is owed. I don’t think there’s enough films about this stuff in general, not just Black culture and big epics with a predominantly Black cast, but also specially about this all-female army, the Agojie. I’m so glad we got to explore their history. I can’t wait for everyone to see it.

After Ever Happy | Official Trailer | Voltage Pictures

I think The Woman King will show your range since you can’t get more different from the After franchise than that film. Hopefully, fans of After will follow you to The Woman King and see something they haven’t seen before.

Definitely. I can’t wait for the After fans to see me playing a different character. I want them to see me not as just Hardin, but also as Santo in The Woman King. I’m excited not only for the world to see it, but also for the After fans to see the movie as well.

After Ever Happy is currently available to purchase on VOD. To find out more about the film, please follow its Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook pages.

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