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Hangover 2 trailer: In this first full length trailer, what happens in Bangkok stays in Bangkok

Hangover 2 trailer

When the first Hangover Part II trailer debuted, all it really showed us was that the sequel would be in Thailand, there was a monkey involved, and the first film was really awesome. Basically it was little more than a save the date reminder.

Today that has changed, and the world of bachelor party based comedies featuring blackouts set in Thailand will never be the same again! Granted, that is something of a niche comedy genre, but The Hangover Part II should be a fairly big deal when it is released over Memorial Day Weekend.

Check out the first real trailer, and look for The Hangover Part II in theaters on May 26.

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MPAA demands that The Hangover Part II trailer be pulled

Last week when the trailer for the upcoming The Hangover Part II aired, there were a few concerns. The jokes were not all that great, the gags seemed familiar, and--worst of all--the plot seemed to be a carbon copy of the original, down to the supporting actors from the first film improbably making their way across the ocean to suddenly run into the film’s stars. But while fans may have been slightly concerned, or at the very least underwhelmed by the clip, there was a much bigger problem with the trailer. Simulated monkey sex.

After viewing the trailer, the MPAA immediately contacted the film’s distributor, Warner Bros., and demanded that the trailer be removed from all theaters and not aired on any of the official websites.

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Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 2 first-look

"So there is this story about a kid, and he’s all like, magic and stuff!"  When J.K. Rowling first uttered those words to her prospective publisher (although probably a bit more eloquent sounding), there is no way they could have possibly known that the seven series of book would—in its own small way—change the world.

Now 16 years later, the books have become a firm part of our pop-culture, and both Rowling and her protagonist are household names. But all good things must come to an end as they say, and this summer, Harry Potter will conclude it memorable run when the eighth and final movie concludes the adaptation of the seven books.

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The Hangover 2 trailer debuts

The original Hangover was just one of those films that was the right movie released at the right time. It became something of a phenomena on its way to earning around $470 million in worldwide gross in theaters and won the Golden Globe for best musical or comedy, so the decision to make a sequel wasn’t all that big of a surprise.
Set in Thailand, director Todd Phillips (Due Date, Old School) reunites with the original cast for The Hangover Part II, as Stu (Ed Helms) invites the wolfpack to join him in Thailand for what he hopes will be a quiet and classy wedding celebration. Things, of course, do not go as planned.
Bradley Cooper, Zach Galifianakis and Justin Bartha all reprise their roles, as do Mike Tyson and Ken Jeong. Liam Neeson also appears in a role that was originally intended for Mel Gibson before the actor decided to go insane. The Hangover: Part 2 hits theaters on May 26.

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