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Marvel and Netflix hire Dexter showrunner for Iron Fist series

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Given the success of Daredevil and Jessica Jones, it’s safe to say that there’s a lot of excitement surrounding the two remaining, upcoming Marvel series hitting Netflix next year: Luke Cage and Iron Fist.

Fans already have an idea of what they can expect to see when Jessica Jones actor Mike Colter makes the leap from supporting character in that series to solo star of Luke Cage, but the fourth series being developed as part of that deal is still a bit of a mystery. While there’s still no word on who will play the title character of Iron Fist, we now have some idea of the creative direction Marvel and Netflix are going for with the project, thanks to this week’s announcement that Scott Buck will serve as showrunner for the series.

Buck, who served as the showrunner on the popular Showtime series Dexter and as a writer and producer on HBO’s Rome and Six Feet Under, will also serve as the showrunner for Iron Fist. The series will be the final installment of four series co-produced by Marvel and Netflix, with the cast of all four series then uniting for a crossover miniseries titled The Defenders.

“Scott came in with a take on Iron Fist that quite simply knocked us off our feet,” said Marvel Television’s Jeph Loeb in a statement accompanying the announcement. As with the previous Marvel/Netflix series, Loeb will serve as an executive producer on Iron Fist. “We always look for the most creative minds in the field to help us bring our heroes to life, and with Scott we’ve found someone that can deliver yet another great series in the ongoing story of The Defenders.”

Created by Roy Thomas and Gil Kane, Iron Fist first appeared in a 1974 issue of Marvel Premiere and later went on to be featured in his own solo series, as well as recurring team-ups with Luke Cage (aka Power Man) in various series. An expert in martial arts who wields a mystical power known as “The Iron Fist,” the character is actually a wealthy socialite named Daniel Rand in the Marvel Comics universe, and uses his powerful abilities and resources to battle villains.

The series is expected to follow Rand as he returns to New York City after several years away, and embarks on a mission to fight the criminal elements plaguing the city using his martial arts mastery and powerful abilities.

“I’ve always been drawn to writing complex, intriguing characters,” said Buck in an official statement released by Marvel and Netflix. “That’s what most excites me about the opportunity to bring Danny Rand and Iron Fist to life with Marvel on Netflix.”

There’s no word on exactly when Iron Fist will premiere on Netflix next year, but it will follow the release of Luke Cage at some point in 2016.

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