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Who would win a fight between Iron Man and Optimus Prime? Here's one answer

IRONMAN vs OPTIMUS PRIME - Super Power Beat Down (Episode 18)
Heroes fighting heroes is all the rage right now on the big screen, with Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice still in theaters and Captain America: Civil War on the way this weekend. But what about heroes from different franchises?

In the latest episode of the fan-made webseries Super Power Beat Down, Tony Stark and his armored alter ego Iron Man take on the leader of the autobots, Optimus Prime, in a no-holds-barred slugfest between the two heavy-duty metal-heads. Although you’ll have to watch the video to find out who wins the digitally-created battle — an outcome determined by a fan poll — one thing’s pretty clear: We all win when these two throw down.

The actual fight begins around the 5:23 mark in the video, after the series’ hosts are shown conducting the fan poll that determined the victor of the brawl.

The video pitting Iron Man against Optimus Prime is the first digitally animated episode of the long-running series, which has previously imagined brawls between Spider-Man and Star Wars: Episode I — The Phantom Menace villain Darth Maul, Wolverine and the Predator alien, Superman and Thor, and Batman and Darth Vader, among other sci-fi and superhero mash-ups. Although the graphics are what you might expect from a fan-made webseries, the voice actors recruited for the episode are actually pretty good — particularly the actor voicing Optimus Prime, who manages a fairly good impression of veteran Optimus voice actor Peter Cullen.

The full series of videos are available to watch on the YouTube playlist for Super Power Beat Down, with more than 8.7 million views (collectively) having been registered so far.