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Ex-porn star Jenna Jameson to star in reality show as she converts to Judaism

jenna jameson reality show israel
Jenna Jameson/Facebook
Jenna Jameson’s days starring in adult films are behind her, but she still has plans to appear on camera. The former porn star’s fiance, Lior Britton, an Israeli diamond merchant, recently chatted with the Hebrew publication Walla, and shared that a reality show featuring him and Jameson is in the early stages of development, according to the Times of Israel.

Britton was quick to clarify that the show will not include “adult content,” and likened it to Keeping up with the Kardashians. Apparently, Jameson’s conversion to Judaism in preparation for their wedding will be a big part of the show. Their wedding is set for next year, but neither an air date for the show nor any producers have been announced yet.

Unfortunately, the series will not feature Britton breaking the news to his mom that he’s dating one of the world’s most famous porn stars. As much as it could make for an interesting story line, the cat is already out of the bag. Britton told Walla that he shared details about Jameson’s past slowly. “At the start, I didn’t tell [my mother] who she was,” he admitted. “I let her know in bits and pieces until eventually she was able to accept it. And then it was fine.”

Although raised Catholic, Jameson decided to convert to Judaism and has become a staunch supporter of Israel. She said as much in a tweet on Oct. 14, describing “constant worry” for family in the country.

Reality TV isn’t a new area for Jameson, but this would be her biggest non-adult series to date. Not only did she guest star on The Simple Life in 2007, she appeared on the U.K.’s Big Brother this summer. As THR pointed out, while filming the latter, she kept a separate fridge from her housemates and followed a kosher diet.

Nicknamed “The Queen of Porn,” Jameson retired from the adult film industry in 2008 after a 15-year career.

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