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Check out the swingin’ new teaser promo for Mad Men’s last hurrah

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Will Don Draper ever get his act together? Will Ted ever fess up to his wife? And when is Penny going to take over the company already? We’ll find out these answers and more when Mad Men returns to complete its 7th and final season in April. But to whet fans’ appetites, AMC has released a delicious 30-second teaser promo.

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True, the promo just shows each key character clad in a signature ‘60s outfit, kicked up a notch to reflect that it’s now 1969 in the period drama – the year of, of course, of Woodstock. Oh, the bright colors, flowing dresses, sharp blazers, and what’s with Roger Sterling’s new sideburns? The accompanying audio track is so fitting for the show, too. But we won’t spoil the surprise.

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What the promo doesn’t do is give any indication as to what will happen in this back half of the season, which will mark the finale for the series. Whatever it is, it’ll have to go down quickly – there will only be seven episodes to end the journey that followed the crazy world of advertising in the ‘60s when smoking was applauded, drinking on the job was mandatory, and New York was a-buzz with glitz and glamor among the elite. Well, at least some things haven’t changed.

When we left Don and the team midway through season 7 last May (spoiler alert), the first moon landing had just occurred, and major changes were afoot for SC&P and in Don’s personal life. Plus, the sad loss of an integral character left everyone uneasy. How will it all unfold?

Mad Men returns on Sunday, April 5 at 10 p.m.

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