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Miley Cyrus goes undercover and gets ripped apart by people

I Witness News - Miley Cyrus Undercover
As offensive as she can be to some, Miley Cyrus proved herself one tough cookie as she went undercover as an Australian reporter in a segment for Jimmy Kimmel Live to find out what people really think of her.

The singer and actress, who is set to host the MTV Video Music Awards this Sunday, took to the streets of LA to talk to passers-by about the upcoming event, and how they feel about Cyrus being named host. She holds her own as people declare their distaste for her ways, and even her entire family. She doesn’t even break a sweat when one man says he not only dislikes Miley, but also her father, whats-his-face. “What’s his name again?” Cyrus turns to the cameraman to ask.

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Along with fielding the almost universal dislike for the star, Cyrus also does a bit of twerking with a couple of giggly teenaged girls who don’t realize it’s the singer herself underneath the ill-fitting, conservative suit and creepy wig.

Cyrus shot to fame as a child actress in the highly popular Disney show Hannah Montana, where she played the lead character (and her alter ego.) The actress-come-singer shifted to music, and grew up from a pre-pubescent girl to a young woman in the public eye. Of late, her antics and outfits have been cause for some concern and controversy – from her sexed-up performance with Robin Thicke at the 2013 VMAs, to her naked swinging on a wrecking ball in a music video. Indeed, in one part of the undercover clip, Cyrus engages in a serious conversation with an old woman who talks about how she used to like Miley, suggesting that the Hollywood pressures simply got to her. Another man essentially suggests she has a screw loose. Ouch. Impressively, however, Cyrus doesn’t even bat an eye.

It’s hard to imagine that most people didn’t realize it was actually Cyrus herself: even with a fake accent and wig, Cyrus has such a distinctive voice and look. Indeed, one interviewee actually calls her out on the resemblance, and suggests that she is actually the singer and actress herself. How Cyrus responds is pretty hilarious and, well, totally Miley just being Miley. See for yourself.

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