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Fsociety will return to fight again, as Mr. Robot renewed for a third season

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Just as fans have begun to get enraptured once again by the hit USA Network series Mr. Robotnow in its second season, the show has officially been renewed for a third, which will air in 2017, according to Deadline.

In the drama series, breakout star Rami Malek plays Elliot Alderson, a reclusive hacker who comes across a mysterious man named Mr. Robot (Christian Slater) and his group called fsociety, who attempt to convince Elliot to help take down the conglomerate E Corp. — or, as they call it, Evil Corp. While Alderson has good intentions, often acting as a vigilante hacker, of sorts, he finds himself mixed up in events that make the story riveting.

Currently five episodes into season two (the first few ran an extra 15 minutes or so), the show has become even more deliciously warped. So, it’s no surprise that the network has already given the green light for a third season.

The show has received numerous accolades — it garnered six Emmy nominations, including one for Outstanding Drama Series, putting it in the company of popular series like Game of Thrones and House of Cards, and a nod for Malek himself as Outstanding Lead Actor.

Created by Sam Esmail and Universal Cable Productions, Mr. Robot has managed to remain strangely topical, exploring what appear to be fantastical issues that end up occurring in real life. The season one finale had to be postponed by a week because of similarities to the shooting of reporter Alison Parker and cameraman Adam Ward that occurred in Virginia on the same day the episode was set to air.

Season 2, which debuted July 13, will conclude after 12 episodes on September 14. The season 2 premiere was followed by a live aftershow called Hacking Robot, where the events of the episode were dissected by host Andy Greenwald and guests stars Esmail, Malek, and Slater, along with actors Carly Chaikin, who plays fsociety member Darlene, and Portia Doubleday, who plays Angela, an old friend of Elliot’s. A second Hacking Robot will air following the finale.

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Meet the hacker keeping ‘Mr. Robot’ so real it’s scary
mr robot season two hacking kor adna adana interview

Hackers are a different breed, but they also may be the activist evolved.
Earlier this week concept store Story in New York City -- in collaboration with USA Network -- held a panel on "The Politics of Hacking." Moderated by The Verge reporter Russell Brandom, the panel featured Kor Adana, writer and tech consultant for USA Network's hit show on hacking, Mr. Robot. Also on the panel were Matthew Mitchell, digital security consultant at Crypto Harlem; Molly Sauter, researcher at The Berkman Center, a graduate student at McGill University, and author of The Coming Swarm; as well as Adrianne Jeffries, managing editor at Motherboard.
"The Sony [hack] happened a couple of days before Mr. Robot got a series pick-up," Adana said before the crowd burst into laughter over the irony. "The notion of data dumps worked its way into our season 1 storyline strictly because of Sony. You see it in episode two and three of season 1 where you have Evil Corp data dumps, a major plot point of season 1 that may or may not come back in season 2."

Adana was tightlipped on season 2 details but did reveal two topics that potentially will be discussed: encrypted messaging and the internet of things (IoT). Encrypted messaging apps such as Jabber, Signal, and Ricochet were mentioned by the panelists, which Adana says will be incorporated into season 2 in some form.

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‘Mr. Robot’ season 2 gains additional episodes, plus a live aftershow
mr robot season 2 extended promo

The surprise twists and turns of Mr. Robot season 2 have already begun, and the show hasn't even returned yet. USA Network has increased its order for the upcoming second season, adding two episodes to bring the total from 10 to 12, reports Deadline. Additionally, a live aftershow, Hacking Robot, is set to air following the July 13 two-episode premiere.

The new season length does not alter plans for creator and executive producer Sam Esmail to direct the entire season; it does, however, add two more episodes to his workload. Esmail is really stepping it up this season after directing five of season 1's 10 episodes.

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