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NBCUniversal's comedy streaming service to allow subscriptions via Amazon

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In January, NBCUniversal launched its ad-free comedy-only streaming service, offering NBC sitcoms and next-day access to Saturday Night Live in addition to a mix of other shows from both NBC and elsewhere. The company hasn’t said how well the service is doing, but it’s about to get much easier to add it to your streaming lineup.

NBCUniversal and Amazon agreed yesterday to add SeeSo to the lineup of streaming channels that Amazon offers via Prime Video, Deadline reports. An exact date hasn’t yet been specified, but the companies say that the service will be available via Amazon sometime this spring.

This comes as part of Amazon’s Streaming Partners Program, which launched late last year, offering mainly single-channel streaming like Showtime and Starz, but featuring more specialized services as well. Smithsonian, Curiosity Stream, and Tribeca Shortlist are among the other subscriptions offered.

Subscriptions vary from service to service, but in the case of SeeSo, it will be $4 per month, the same as a standalone subscription to the service. Amazon offers free trials for most subscriptions, with the customer being charged if they haven’t cancelled by the end of the trial period. Neither company has yet confirmed whether SeeSo will offer a free trial, but considering it offers a trial via its website, it seems likely.

While shows like 30 Rock, Parks and Recreation, and Saturday Night Live are the most heavily promoted, SeeSo offers a fairly diverse catalog. Classic British comedies like Monty Python’s Flying Service and Fawlty Towers are available alongside original content like Before the Morning After and The UCB Show from Upright Citizens Brigade founders Amy Poehler, Matt Walsh, Ian Roberts, and Matt Besser.

These subscriptions are bringing us closer to the dream of an a-la-carte future, but it may not be everything we’ve dreamed of, with some cord cutters complaining that by the time they’ve added up their various subscriptions, the total is the same as their cable bill. Still, if you only watch content from a few channels, there has never been a better time to watch TV.

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