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3 comedies on Amazon Prime Video you need to watch in March

Friends cheer in Ricky Stanicky.
Amazon Prime Video

In the mood for some hearty laughs? There’s nothing like a quality comedy to brighten a day or evening. Comedies come in all shapes and sizes, from ones that feature silly potty humor to more sophisticated comedies that have dramatic moments as well. You might feel like watching a Will Ferrell comedy one night then be looking for something more like a murder mystery with comedic undertones the next.

We have you covered with three comedies on Amazon Prime Video you need to watch in March, including a Golden Globe-nominated black comedy released last year, a brand-new movie, and one that features the voices of Ferrell and Jamie Foxx.

Ricky Stanicky (2024)

Ricky Stanicky - Official Trailer | Prime Video

Is Ricky Stanicky going to be the best comedy movie you’ve seen this year? No. But if you’re familiar with Peter Farrelly’s past work, including movies like Shallow Hall, Me, Myself and Irene, and There’s Something About Mary, you’ll want to check out this movie. Zac Efron stars as Dean, one of three friends who made up a person to blame their misbehaviors on as kids.

Now as adults, they continue to use “Ricky” as an excuse to get out of things, even take guys’ trips. Their wives, families, and even bosses are none the wiser. But 25 years into the con, the truth is closing in on them. So, the trio comes up with the most ridiculous plan: they hire a man, played by John Cena, to pretend to be this elusive friend no one has ever met.

The plan, however, backfires when Ricky starts to infiltrate their lives, and the guys want him gone. It won’t be so easy, however. Ricky Stanicky is pure, silly, R-rated fun if you’re looking for one of those comedies you can completely turn your brain off to watch.

Stream Ricky Stanicky on Prime Video.

Saltburn (2023)

Saltburn | Official Trailer

For something more cerebral and also quite graphic and sexual, Saltburn was all anyone could talk about in 2023 when the movie premiered. Featuring an incredible cast that includes Barry Keoghan, Jacob Elordi, and Rosamund Pike, Keoghan is Oliver, an Oxford student who doesn’t quite fit in. He’s invited to a popular student’s home to spend time with his affluent family. While there, Oliver gets caught up in the eccentricities and oddities of this strange family whose members have a penchant for unique proclivities.

Touching on themes of opulence, excess, and deep-seated obsession, Saltburn is unlike any movie you may have watched before. It’s a unique blend of thriller and black comedy that will see your jaw drop at some of the most graphically disturbing scenes. It’s the type of movie you can’t help but talk about with others after you watch it.

Stream Saltburn on Prime Video.

Strays (2023)

Strays | Official Trailer [HD]

Lighthearted and amusing, Strays is an adorable movie with a voice cast that reads like a who’s who of comedy. Along with Will Ferrell and Jamie Foxx, there’s Isla Fisher, Randall Park, Brett Gelman, and Will Forte (who plays his human self). The plot is built around Reggie (Ferrell), a Border Terrier who doesn’t pick up on the signs that his owner Doug (Forte) doesn’t really love him. He only kept the dog to anger his ex.

When Reggie is separated from Doug, he meets the streetwise Boston Terrier, Bug (Foxx), who teaches him how to live as a stray. Together with other dog friends, they open Reggie’s eyes to Doug’s true intentions. Reeling from the disappointing revelation, Reggie and his new friends set out to find Doug and get their revenge in the most cringe-worthy way.

Strays is crude in its humor, but beneath the surface are positive, even heartwarming, messages. If you can’t resist a comedy with talking dogs, Strays is for you.

Stream Strays on Prime Video.

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