Netflix will reportedly create new episodes of Black Mirror

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Netflix already has two seasons of British sci-fi anthology series Black Mirror available to viewers, but the streamer wants even more. The company has reportedly been successful in reaching a deal with creator Charlie Brooker and his independent production company, House of Tomorrow, to create original episodes. According to, sources say the partnership will result in “multiple episodes.”

Black Mirror is a dystopian drama whose chilling storylines look at the sometimes dangerous combination of technology and human nature. Throughout the first two seasons and a Christmas special, the anthology has created horrifying situations that seem all too possible given how deeply ingrained technology is in our daily lives. With its short seasons and anthology format, there is seemingly endless potential to add to Black Mirror, making it a very intriguing prospect for a Netflix original.

Interestingly, Black Mirror isn’t a show that naturally lends itself to Netflix’s binge format; there isn’t a linear storyline, and each episode features a different cast, setting, and even reality. Because of these factors, viewers may feel less compelled to cram as many of the standalone episodes into the shortest amount of time possible, captivating as they may be.

The series first aired on the U.K.’s Channel 4, so it’s unknown in what capacity, if any, the broadcaster will continue to be involved. Additionally, with Brooker reportedly working on new scripts now, it remains to be seen how all of these pieces will come together. Netflix and Channel 4 refrained from commenting when reached out, but a Channel 4 source told the news outlet that the broadcaster will have a first look deal on the new episodes.

No release date for the next Black Mirror installment — whether for Netflix or Channel 4 — has been announced.