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Aziz Ansari ponders commitment in trailer for new Netflix comedy series Master of None

Netflix is going after millennials with its upcoming Aziz Ansari comedy series, Master of None. The first trailer, released by the streamer Thursday, shows Ansari’s character, Dev, exploring a range of relatable issues, from commitment and finding the right partner to race to career growth — all with a healthy dash of humor mixed in.

The preview opens with an awkward sex scene, featuring a broken condom. When Dev and his partner, Rachel (Noël Wells) head to the pharmacy to purchase the morning-after pill, he insists on paying, calling it “[his] treat.” Throughout the trailer, the two fumble with their emerging coupledom with more endearing awkwardness. The two are shown getting to know each other on a series of dates, comparing Instagram comments, and — best of all — enduring a meeting between Rachel’s grandma and Dev in which he mistakenly assumes she might be racist because she’s old.

At 30, Dev seems to be starting to think about where his love life is and where it should be going, plus whether or not he wants kids. He turns to his friends and father for at times hilarious advice. For example, Dev’s dad shares that he only dated two women before settling down with his wife, but he ruled out the first because she was “a little bit too tall.”

The series will also focus on Dev’s acting career. In the trailer, he’s shown at an audition being asked to do an Indian accent, and then debating race in the entertainment industry with a friend. It’s clear that the show will address relevant topics in amusing ways.

Loosely based on Ansari’s life, the actor teamed up with Alan Yang to create Master of None. The two previously worked together on Parks and Recreation, a show which Ansari starred in for seven seasons and which Yang executive produced. With Master of None appearing on Netflix rather than a network, however, the comedy series appears to be edgier and more risqué than the average sitcom.

Master of None, which also stars Wells, Eric Wareheim, Lena Waithe, Kelvin Yu, and H. Jon Benjamin, will consist of 10 half-hour episodes and will debut on Netflix on Nov. 6.

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