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Netflix exec says Narcos may have more viewers than Game of Thrones

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Game of Thrones has been a well-established fan favorite for the past several years, but a new Netflix show has been closing in on its popularity. In fact, Narcos, which debuted in late August, may have surpassed the HBO series, at least according to Netflix Chief Content Officer Ted Sarandos.

Sarandos shared the information at Monday’s UBS Global Media and Communications Conference in New York, as reported by THR. While the Netflix exec didn’t share any solid numbers — per the streaming service’s norm — he did indicate that the company has reason to believe that Narcos tops Game of Thrones‘ viewership.

“We’re pleased to take the number two spot, but think it’s number one because they don’t measure all the devices,” he said, referring to a recent survey. The survey in question found that Netflix would have the second-highest-rated show on cable if traditional ratings metrics were used — following behind Game of Thrones.

Of course, without any specifics regarding just how Netflix generates its top-secret numbers, it’s hard to know what to make of the claim. Yes, we know that Narcos is popular, but has it really dethroned a giant like Game of Thrones? There are too many factors in play, including illegal streaming, that make it impossible to know for sure.

Whatever the case, Netflix has proven that it can create compelling content and compete with the likes of HBO. The streamer has produced a variety of hits, including Jessica Jones, House of CardsOrange Is the New BlackMaster of None, and more. The company isn’t taking its foot off the gas, either. In the coming year, the streamer plans to seriously ramp up its original content production; Sarandos announced that Netflix plans to debut 31 original TV series in 2016, which nearly doubles its 2015 output.

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