Netflix to unveil video streaming service to Canada


Netflix will expand its online video streaming offering to Canada, Reuters reports. This marks the first international expansion for the online video giant. Netflix will only offer online streaming to Canadian customers, with no snail mail DVD rentals.

It is still unknown what movies and television shows will be streamed to Canadian customers, or what plans and pricing will be offered. This move will pit Netflix against its Canadian counterpart,, which offers DVD rentals by mail and at kiosks, similar to Redbox.

The move could be a trial for Netflix, using Canada as a test market for future expansion plans. Netflix CEO Reed Hastings has big plans for Netflix. He has said in the past that he expects Netflix to be built into all televisions before long — a good thing, since the long-term vision for Netflix is hinged on transitioning entirely to online streaming. But don’t hold your breathe, Hastings doesn’t expect their DVD rentals to disappear until 2030.

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