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Netflix is planning to open entertainment-focused stores

Netflix is planning to launch entertainment-focused stores where people can shop, eat, and enjoy other activities linked to their favorite movies and TV shows, Bloomberg reported on Thursday.

The other activities could include something like a Squid Games-themed obstacle course, the report said.

Josh Simon, Netflix’s vice president of consumer products, said the store could be called Netflix House, with the first two sites set to open in the U.S. in 2025 before arriving in other locations around the world. The locations for the first sites have yet to be revealed, though Hollywood would seem like an obvious target for the company.

As Bloomberg points out, the video streaming giant has already been trialing in-person experiences for fans of particular shows, including a party-based event based on the hit Netflix series Bridgerton that’s been taken to several cities.

While some may see the move as a bid by Netflix to diversify its income following other efforts such as a move into gaming, it appears that at this stage the initiative is more focused on promoting its content rather than boosting its bottom line.

What seems certain is that everything in Netflix House will be linked to movies and shows that are popular at the time, from branded clothing and other merchandise to restaurant menus featuring dishes from popular cooking shows, along with entertainment experiences that tie in with Netflix content.

With 238 million subscribers globally and a growing list of original hit shows and movies under its belt, the company seems confident that there’s an appetite for such an offering.

Commenting on the matter, Simon said: “We’ve seen how much fans love to immerse themselves in the world of our movies and TV shows, and we’ve been thinking a lot about how we take that to the next level.”

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