Disney's imperialistic theater takeover has Tarantino in fits on Stern

Quentin Tarantino has been excited about the fact that his latest movie, The Hateful Eight, will appear in numerous theaters in 70mm film, but there seems to be a snag in the plan. During a recent interview on The Howard Stern Show on Sirius XM, the director claimed that the Cinerama Dome in Los Angeles has bowed to pressure from Disney and will not be playing his film during its planned two-week Christmas run.

According to Tarantino, the theater had no choice but to replace The Hateful Eight because, otherwise, Disney wouldn’t have allowed its chain, Arclight Cinemas, to play the latest Star Wars installment at all. Tarantino was frustrated, explaining that Disney has “the biggest movie in the world,” and it’s just “one effing theater” where he’d love to see his film. Having grown up in Los Angeles, the venue was particularly important to him.

Tarantino pointed out how the Cinerama logo even appears in the opening credits of The Hateful Eight, while Deadline notes that the film’s December 7 premiere took place there. Traditionally, films playing at TCL Chinese Theatre aren’t simultaneously screened at the Cinerama Done, given how close the two venues are. However, the two theaters will both play The Force Awakens, according to Tarantino.

The director called the studio’s actions both “mean” and “vindictive” (along with other colorful commentary). He also stressed how Disney had owned Miramax Films when he made Pulp Fiction and the Kill Bill movies, and therefore, made millions off of his films.

Stern acknowledged that the studio hadn’t had a chance to have its say on the issue yet, but he spoke directly to Disney CEO Bob Iger and encouraged him to let the Cinerama Dome play The Hateful Eight. Both Stern and Tarantino seemed hopeful, but whether or not anything will change remains to be seen.

Listen to the interview below. (Warning: NSFW.)