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Rumored plot details for Jurassic World hint at dinosaur vs. dinosaur brawls

rumored plot details jurassic world hint dinosaur vs brawls
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When the Jurassic Park franchise returns to theaters next year with Jurassic World, there might be plenty of dino-on-dino brawls in store for audiences if a new rumor proves true.

Of course, as with any plot details for an upcoming film — whether they’re official or simply rumors — it’s worth putting a SPOILER ALERT out there ahead of anything that’s discussed, so there you go. You’ve been warned, spoiler-averse readers.

Now that we have that out of the way, JoBlo sheds some light on how the upcoming film will move from the awe and wonder of living dinosaurs in an amusement park to lots of running and screaming among its characters. The unofficial plot details the site has posted describe a scenario in which the titular theme park attempts to drum up more business by creating a new species of dinosaur. They do so by splicing together the DNA of several species — specifically, a Tyrannosaurus Rex, a velociraptor, a cuttlefish, and a snake. The resulting super-dino eventually gets loose (of course), and begins terrorizing the inhabitants of the park.

But that’s not all…

The website’s anonymous source also reports that the super-dino will battle some “good” dinosaurs that were trained by Chris Pratt’s character in the film. The dinosaurs on the good-guy side of things include a T-Rex and some raptors, which will likely have a tough time with the super-dino thanks to its ability to blend in with its surroundings (via the cuttlefish DNA) and its raptor-level intelligence (among other attributes). 

The source doesn’t indicate whether there will be multiple genetically enhanced dinosaurs or just the one, but even a single suped-up dino is likely to be trouble for the running-and-screaming crowd.

Naturally, all of this is unofficial and entirely unconfirmed, so it should be treated as speculation until something more official is announced. But hey, it’s fun to ponder the possibilities of tampering with a dinosaur’s genetic code, right?

Jurassic World is scheduled to hit theaters June 12, 2015.

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