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Aliens have messed with the wrong girls in Slash/Back trailer

There have been so many alien invasion stories that the visitors from beyond the stars should have gotten the message by now: Earth has had enough of your [bleep]. But in the upcoming film, Slash/Back, the ever-present extraterrestrials are trying yet again to make our planet their personal playground. This time, they’ve targeted a small town called Pangnirtung, which is located in Nunavut “in the majestic mountains of Baffin Island in the Arctic Ocean.” In this part of the world, the sun shines for 24 hours a day, which may have made the residents believe that nothing could catch them off guard. But if the aliens thought they would be unopposed then they were dead wrong.

SLASH/BACK | Official Trailer

The X-factor that the aliens failed to account for is a group of teenage girls led by Maika. These teenagers may not know what they really want out of life, but they’re not about to back down when their town falls prey to some alien creatures. Additionally, the girls are avid horror movie fans, so they know a lot about fighting monsters. That doesn’t necessarily mean they will all make it out alive, but the aliens have severely underestimated the girls from Pang.

The official poster for Slash/Back.

Tasiana Shirley headlines the film as Maika, with Alexis Vincent-Wolfe as Jesse, Nalajoss Ellsworth as Uki, Chelsea Prusky as Leena, Frankie Vincent-Wolfe as Aju, and Rory Anawak as Thomassie.

Nyla Innuksuk directed Slash/Back and co-wrote the script with Ryan Cavan. Slash/Back will get a theatrical release on October 21, but it will also hit digital and On Demand outlets on the same day.

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