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Daniel Craig reportedly offered $150 million for two more appearances as 007

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All signs seemed to point towards 2015’s Spectre being Daniel Craig’s last outing as James Bond, but now there’s word that Sony Pictures is doing everything in its power to retain the actor’s services. The studio has apparently offered Craig $150 million to remain in the role for two additional movies.

In May 2016, it was reported that Craig had turned down an offer of $100 million for two more movies as 007. Tom Hiddleston emerged as the frontrunner to inherit the role in the immediate aftermath, but it seems that Sony would rather stick with their established star.

While Craig was on the press junket for Spectre, he famously said that he’d rather “slash his wrists” than do another Bond movie. However, the proposed $150 million deal would see him film two new adventures back to back before passing the torch to another actor, according to a report from Radar.

To give some context to the money that Craig is being offered, the entire production budget for Spectre was reported to be around $250 million. The fact that the actor would receive $75 million for each of the next two movies seems to hint at Sony’s desperate ambition to keep him on board.

If nothing else, these contract negotiations seem to confirm that Sony has renewed its deal for the distribution rights to the James Bond franchise. The previous arrangement expired after the release of Spectre, and studios including Warner Bros. and Fox were expected to make a play for the rights.

However, now Sony is expected to announce that it will continue to be the series’ distributor — and it seems that the studio would like to confirm two more movies with Craig to put the cherry on top. At this point, the jury is still out on whether the 48-year-old actor will agree to his fifth and sixth films as the venerable superspy.

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The phrase “follow the money” has become idiomatic in the field of journalism, and when it points a certain way, it’s as reliable a source as even the most connected insider. So, it was more than a little suspicious when, after Daniel Craig turned down a monstrous two-film deal to reprise his role as James Bond, bookies stopped taking action from those who wanted to bet that Tom Hiddleston would succeed him.

Our suspicions were confirmed when, earlier today, Birth.Movies.Death reported that the actor, best known as the villainous Loki in the Marvel superhero movies, was officially in talks to step into the character’s trademark tux. The scoop comes by way of an unnamed source but -- combined with the whispers that we’ve been hearing for weeks -- it seems that Hiddleston is indeed on the doorstep of becoming the next Bond.

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OK, so maybe this isn’t a huge surprise after Craig suggested that a particularly grisly form of suicide might be preferable to returning as Bond, but he has offered contradictory statements on his interest in continuing with the franchise, and actions speak louder than words. The offer he turned down would reportedly have netted him 68 million pounds, which, in terms of buying power, translates to about $100 million. Gotta love that exchange rate.

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