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Daniel Craig amends controversial comment about preferring suicide to another Bond film

Daniel Craig
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Daniel Craig might have another Bond film in him after all, but he hasn’t made any decisions yet. Although the actor sparked controversy last month when he said in an interview that he’d rather slash his wrists than think about playing 007 again, the British actor told Matt Lauer on Today Thursday that Spectre wasn’t necessarily his farewell.

During the interview, Lauer could barely contain his excitement about the Aston Martins that Craig drove (and wrecked) during production, but he also made sure to ask the actor about his controversial comment. Craig backtracked from him original stance, putting the quote into context. “If you’re 200 yards from the end of a marathon and someone comes running up to you and says, ‘Are you going to run another marathon?’ there’s two words you use,” he said. “And not on a morning show.”

Craig then was quick to add that he really enjoyed filming Spectre. “I’ve had massive amounts of fun making this film,” he said. “I mean, probably more fun on this film than I have on all the others put together.”

Still, the actor is clearly not ready to start thinking about whether or not he’ll reprise his role as the iconic secret agent in the future. He left it up in the air, saying, “Maybe I’ll make another one. I don’t know.”

Fans will have to wait and see what he ultimately decides to do, but if Spectre is Craig’s last Bond film, he said he’ll be happy with the mark he has made on the classic spy franchise. The film has been well-received in theaters so far, especially at his native U.K.’s box office.

Watch the Today interview below. Craig’s comments on his future as James Bond come around the 4:03 mark.

Daniel Craig: I Wrecked ‘3 or 4’ Aston Martins Making ‘Spectre’ | TODAY

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