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The 10 best Star Wars bounty hunters, ranked

Among the few mainstays of the Star Wars universe, perhaps none is more reliable than the bounty hunter. They don’t exist in every Star Wars property, but they are present in many of them, and whenever they show up, you can pretty much guarantee they’re going to be cool. Boba Fett became an icon after the original trilogy, even though he only has like five minutes of total screen time. Why? Because he looks so freakin’ cool.

Boba is maybe the most well-known bounty hunter in the Star Wars universe, but he’s far from the only one. Over the course of decades of expanded mythology, we’ve met a wide array of different bounty hunters with unique designs and personalities. Now, with season 3 of The Mandalorian about to premiere, it’s time to count down the very best of the group. These are the 10 best bounty hunters in the history of Star Wars. 

10. IG-11

Image used with permission by copyright holder

Although he closely resembles IG-88, the robotic bounty hunter from The Empire Strikes Back, IG-11 is most notable for his willingness to sacrifice himself to save Grogu in The Madalorian. This came after he had already been destroyed while working with Din Djarin (aka The Mandalorian) on a mission to kill Grogu.

Din never trusted the droid after he was reprogrammed, but IG-11 more than proved himself, initiating his self-destruct sequence to destroy a platoon of stormtroopers who would have captured the Force-sensitive child.

9. Black Krrsantan

Black Krrsantan
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Creating a Wookiee who is also a bounty hunter was a stroke of genius, and Black Krrsantan lives up to that hype. The character is an outcast in Wookiee culture because he uses the claws on his hands for combat, but he also proves to be one of the good guys, fighting alongside Boba Fett in The Book of Boba Fett.

Prior to his debut in live action, though, Black Krrsantan had already seen plenty of action in other mediumds and was employed in the service of the Hutt criminal empire for years.

8. Bossk

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Bossk has some advantages that his more humanoid bounty hunter brethren don’t. As a Trandoshan, he has incredible strength and a regenerative immune system that allows him to heal from even serious wounds.

Bossk was influential on a young Boba Fett, and he was also one of the older bounty hunters still working during the days of the Empire. He retired shortly after the Empire fell, but that didn’t mean he wasn’t still strong enough to handle a tough scrape.

7. Embo

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A man of few words who knew how to build up his own mystique, Embo was also known to be among the more honest bounty hunters. He was willing to team up with other hunters on bigger jobs, and was another hunter who was highly sought-after throughout the Clone Wars.

Among his most notable achievements was his decision to team up with Anakin and Obi-Wan in their attempt to defend Felucia. Even decades after the Clone Wars, he continued his work before eventually retiring to a farm.

6. Jango Fett

Temuera Morrison as Jango Fett
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Jango Fett was widely regarded as the best bounty hunter in the galaxy in the days before the Clone Wars, and while he was dispatched with relative ease by Mace Windu, he was still a fairly intimidating foe.

He was known for both precision and professionalism, which is why he was chosen as the template for the clone army. Jango was willing to fight just about anybody, and while he almost always made it out alive, Windu proved to be too much for him in the end.

5. Aurra Sing

Aurra Sing
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A veteran bounty hunter who did most of her work during and before the Clone Wars, Aurra Sing was instrumental in training Boba Fett so that he could become a bounty hunter as great as her father. She was regarded as one of the best in the business, and her skills were often highly sought-after throughout the Clone Wars.

She did some work in the early days of the Empire, but came across Tobias Beckett, who reportedly killed her by throwing her off a cliff.

4. Fennec Shand

Ming-Na Wen and Temuera Morrison in a scene from The Book of Boba Fett.
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Fennec is best known now as Boba’s primary enforcer, but she spent the prime of her career working as a sharpshooter on behalf of the Empire. Her encounters with Din Djaren have proven that she is not someone to mess around with, but she’s also deeply loyal.

After Boba nursed her back to health in the aftermath of a job gone wrong, she remained by his side, fighting his fights and putting her skills as a sniper to good use.

3. Cad Bane

Cad Bane
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A bounty hunter legendary for his cruelty and practicality, Cad Bane knew no allegiance higher than his next job. He was a bounty hunger for decades before finally showing up in The Book of Boba Fett as one of Boba’s primary antagonists.

It speaks to the power of Cad Bane that he is seen as an appropriate rival for Boba. Cad’s ruthlessness, coupled with his wide-brimmed hat and brilliant blue skin, made him one of the most iconic bounty hunters in Star Wars canon.

2. Din Djarin

The Mandalorian
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One of only two bounty hunters to get an entire show, Din Djarin may be the most emotionally complex bounty hunter we’ve come to know in Star Wars. His relationship with Grogu is one of the most touching in all of the franchise, and he’s also pretty handy in a fight.

Pedro Pascal may not actually be in the suit very often, but his voice performance as Din lends the character a quiet vulnerability, even as he’s proven himself in combat time and time again.

1. Boba Fett

Temuera Morrison in a scene from The Book of Boba Fett.
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The reason we think about Star Wars bounty hunters at all, Boba Fett was always destined to be number one on this list. From his armor to his ship to his ability to take on Jedi with only the help of his suit, Boba is one of the coolest characters in the entire Star Wars universe.

As we’ve come to learn more about him, we also understand how wounded Boba really is, and his humanity has only helped him cement his place as the best bounty hunter in all of Star Wars.

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