Get your geek on with the ‘I Am Chewie’ hoodie, and other rad Star Wars apparel

Updated 5/19/2015: After failing to find the Darth Vader dress upon first inspection, we eventually tracked down not one, but two Darth Vader dresses. The Darth Vader tube dress ($34) and the Darth Strikes Back dress ($50) are both available on WeLoveFine’s website.

If you’re a woman who loves Star Wars, and you have unabashed adoration for everybody’s favorite “walking carpet,” you’ll absolutely fall in love with the Chewbacca hoodie. Yes, you heard right, the Chewbacca hoodie. It’s a hoodie that basically turns you into Chewbacca (sans the Wookiee facial features of course) and it’s pretty awesome.

Earlier last month, WeLoveFine launched a new line of women’s Star Wars apparel by Goldie, called Goldie Strikes Back. The collection, which debuted at Star Wars Celebration Anaheim, includes sweaters, T-shirts, tie-back tanks, and more. The adorably titled “I Am Chewie” hoodie costs $60 and is available Monday, June 1 in sizes S to 2XL. While WeLoveFine isn’t the first company to sell a Chewbacca hoodie, it’s probably the most realistic we’ve seen — and it’s also the hairiest.

According to WeLoveFine, the company’s line of Star Wars clothing is “fun, fashionable, and practically bursting with the power of The Force.”

The online clothing store also offers more geeky apparel, like the hooded “I Am Boba Fett” tank ($32) and the Princess Leia dress ($55), which comes with a hood that recreates Carrie Fisher’s famous cinnamon bun hairdo from A New Hope. Images of a Darth Vader-inspired dress also surfaced, and though we had trouble tracking it down at first, we were able to find the dress in all its Vader-fied glory when we dove a bit deeper into the WeLoveFine website.

There’s also a pair of “I Am Chewie Leggings” ($35) in the collection, but you might not want to pair them with the “I Am Chewie” hoodie, as it could be a little too much Wookiee to handle.

If you’d like to shop and compare, IThinkGeek discovered a $70 hoodie that has been available for a while now, allowing you to weigh your options from Wookiee to Wookiee.

Prices for the Star Wars collection range from $30 up, so if you’re looking for some Star Wars apparel that will show off your colors, you’ll want to head on over to WeLoveFine’s website.

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