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Between the Streams: Apple and Kristen Wiig, ‘Solo’ synopsis, Black Widow movie?

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We’re in the midst of the January doldrums, and that means the theater marquees aren’t exactly jumping off the walls at us this weekend. But not to worry, there’s still plenty of wildness happening in the world of entertainment, with maybe the weirdest bit being that Apple (yes, Apple) has won a bidding war to secure the rights to a new Kristin Wiig comedy series. Along with Wiig, Reese Witherspoon will also reportedly have a prominent role on both sides of the camera. The 10-episode series will apparently be based on a book of short stories called You Think It, I’ll Say It, which seems to set it up more like an anthology series of sorts.

But perhaps the biggest news of the week is the synopsis that Disney let slip about its possibly doomed Han Solo origin movie, SoloLook, we’re not saying this is going to be the worst Star Wars movie of the modern era, but it’s a possibility. Then again, if the movie is set up to suck, maybe we’ll all be pleasantly surprised. This author is a self-professed Alden Ehrenreich fan (from what little I’ve seen of him on film), and it is Disney after all. We’ll chat about the revelations from the basic synopsis, and ask if people are still excited about the film to kick things off this week.

While there’s not much (or anything) new when it comes to blockbuster appeal in theaters this week, there are a few well-reviewed movies hitting wide release that should give fans of great performances something to cheer for. Those options include I, Tonya, which features Margot Robbie as Tonya Harding and explores perhaps the weirdest and most infamous moment in figure skating history, and Call Me By Your Name, the sensual love story starring Armie Hammer and Timothée Chalamet that has critics raving.

There are plenty of other tidbits happening in entertainment this week as well, including a new red band trailer for the much-anticipated Super Troopers 2, wild rumors about the new Venom film, more wild rumors about a stand-alone Black Widow film, a Catch 22 miniseries produced by George Clooney, more fuel for the John Wick spinoff series, and more.

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